Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty – 2017 Australian Author Challenge

I was keen to read a Liane Moriarty book after all the recent media exposure about another of her novels, Big Little Lies, being transformed into a cinema production starring ” our Nic”, Nicole Kidman.

Three seemingly normal couples gather for a Saturday barbecue, with their three cute children and the family dog, in a suburban backyard in Sydney. All very ordinary.

It takes Moriarty three hundred odd pages to lead up to an incident that occurs at the barbecue. Three hundred pages detailing the issues of ordinary people living ordinary suburban lives: lack of intimacy, parental issues, fractured friendships, child behavourial issues, lack of job satisfaction.
Three hundred pages of ordinary people with their own secrets.

Moriarty then produces another two hundred pages of how the incident affected all the attendees and the changes that are instigated as a result.

The author is clearly a capable writer as she cleverly, albeit slowly, builds up to the crisis, though I found the novel very “ordinary”. There were reminders of The Slap by Chris Tsiolkas, without the punch, and I honestly felt quite drained (yet quietly excited), when the book was finished.

Sorry, Nic, you are off my viewing list.



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