My War With Pumpkin.

I’ve always had a bad relationship with pumpkin. I think it stems from all those meals as the child of parents who lived through both the Depression and World War 2. In the days of my childhood you weren’t allowed to leave the table until you had finished all the food on your plate. Because of my disregard for pumpkin that dining room table became a battleground and it was quickly confirmed that the Green stubbornness had filtered down the line.

Unlike the child-centric families of today, we suffered no food allergies, and who had ever heard of lactose intolerance? We ate Brussel sprouts and broccoli without any qualms. Indeed, Black Pudding and fish roe were meals that we shared as a family so it wasn’t a delicate tummy that kept my jaws glued together when looking at the mashed, boiled or roasted pumpkin on the plate.

As a young teenager there was that universal anthem of the 70’s whenever I refused that orange mess: ” Think about all those starving Ethiopians”. To this day, I’m not exactly sure where Ethiopia is, though embarrassingly, I admit to throwing this at my own daughters twenty years later.

My late father-in-law, a Liverpool Scouse with a thick accent, would not eat the roast pumpkin lovingly cooked by his Australian sweetheart because it was a vegetable “only fed to the pigs.” Literally.

Many years later and I have a crop of pumpkins growing out of my raised garden beds and spreading across the back lawn like triffids. No idea about their origin, though it is a daily delight to watch their progress. Even better too, when they are harvested.

Who would have thought I would develop a taste for warming pumpkin soup on a cold day?

Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Steam Pieces of pumpkin till pliable.
Mash till smooth
Season with salt and pepper.
Add chicken stock and mix through.
Add thickened cream and mix through. Amount based on your preferred consistency.
Reheat slowly.
Serve hot with diced shallots or coriander on top.
Fresh bread rolls optional.

Pumpkin Scones? Leaving those to Flo.


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