Errol Flynn- Actor and Author

I’ve been collecting books about 1940’s film star, Errol Flynn, for just on thirty years.

Why? Well he was a good looking lad, and a dare devil in real life as well as in his swashbuckling movies. Who could forget Errol in his Lincoln Green tights as Robin Hood? Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe as Robin Hood? Pansies, the both of them.



Some biographies have been totally uncomplimentary about Flynn and the lifestyle he chose whilst a lovely book filled with the posters covering the lifespan of Flynn’s cinematic endeavours is just a delightful, nostalgic journey of movies that focussed on storyline and acting, as opposed to special effects and wiz bang gadgetry.

Part of my passion for collecting Flynn books became the hunt. Scrounging through bookstores across the country and internationally has become a popular past time and has led to some interesting finds in charity stores, the back of rural sheds, and antique stores.

Of course, my collection grew to encompass movies, posters, and memorabilia. My daughter gave me soap with Flynn’s visage letting me know quietly, that she was aware that I wanted “to get naked” with the man.

Errol died at the age of 50 in the year I was born.

In 2009 my daughter and I spent a long weekend celebrating in Hobart, Tasmania, alongside a group of diehard fans, what would have been Flynn’s 100th birthday. Watching old black and white movies on the big screen, sitting in the comfort of the classy State Theatre drinking champagne was an experience I will forever cherish. It helped that my child was finally old enough to go to the bar by herself.


Interest in Errol continues to this day. A movie is currently in production off the east coast of Australia with the working title, “In Like Flynn”. It chronicles the actor’s life before Hollywood and covers the period he worked in New Guinea as a slave trader and gold prospector, among other things, as told in the first of his novels, “Beam Ends”.

9th of June. Happy Birthday, Errol Flynn. Salute.


*Do you collect books about someone or something too? Please feel free to share.



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