Australian Author, Bernadette Mercer, seizing the day……

Queensland author, Bernadette Mercer, has taken an interesting pathway on life’s journey. She has been a Registered Nurse, Registered Teacher and a qualified Natural Therapist. Her additional studies include Reiki, Nutrition, Massage, Aromatherapy, Foot Reflexology and Mineral Therapy, and to this day she continues to share a wealth of knowledge by supporting students in the study of Complementary Therapies.

This passion for health and wellbeing resulted in the publication of Bernadette’s first book, How To Be Your Own Therapist – Home Remedies, at the age of 68 years. Now in its second print, and familiar to devotees of holistic health and wellness, this book highlights the power that people have to help themselves in a medical situation.

Mercer’s other passions include travel and cooking, which she successfully combined in her next publication, Lunch in Avignon. Originally released digitally in 2014 this series of short stories covering some of her travels both within Australia and overseas, is now available in book format. This updated version includes both the photos and recipes of some of the glorious meals she shares with us as she travels through Europe. Lemon Semolina Cake, Tarta de Santiago, Granita al Limone, Sicilian Cannoli-even the fish and chips from the Redland Bay Hotel in Brisbane sound just delightful.


We learn something of the author’s motivations in a poem nestled between her adventures, titled Carpe Diem. It reads:

The day the Doctor told me I might die
Because some small genetic fault awoke
I knew then every day now day I must
Seize the day, not let it pass like smoke.

Star of Aqualinia, a fantasy-sci fi novel, was released earlier this year, and I believe that Mercer is currently working on the sequel.Please refer for a review : -

I would suggest that this Australian author is most certainly seizing the day.





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