The Biggest Reading Disappointment This Year.

I don’t enjoy bagging books or those who write them. God knows I have enough trouble writing my name on a cheque, so who am I to play critic?

Having just panned Goodoo Goodoo in a previous review I am also feeling it important to comment on the biggest disappointment as far as books are concerned this year – so far.

No, it’s not the hormones, nor I am I becoming a crotchety old bugger having just loved The Pink Floyd Spectacular currently touring Australia. If you want to put it down to the full moon or planets not being aligned, well that’s okay. Personally, I just thought the writing sucked and the author did a rush job to meet contract requirements.

Paula Hawkins’ book, Into The Water, was not a patch on The Girl On The Train. The latter was not really my kind of book but the author fleshed out the characters and told a good yarn and so deservedly became a bestseller.


Not so With Into The Water which opens with a woman bound and drowned in the river running through town at the hands of hostile men. Jules Abbott has returned to her home town following the apparent suicide of her estranged sister. She’s nominally in charge of a teenage niece she doesn’t know and the house where the events that drove her and her sister apart took place. Jules can’t believe that her sister, who loved wild swimming in the river that runs through the town, would throw herself off a cliff to death by water. And it soon becomes clear that there are disturbing currents beneath the surface of this small town.

The characters lacked depth, the structure became confusing, and it all became “too hard” and who cares?

I’m not going to mention the Liane Moriarty novels that I find as boring as batshit, and promise to be better humoured next time.

Which books have you found to be a disappointment this year? And be honest :-sometimes I am sure it is all the marketing hype that makes a book unable to live up to expectations, aren’t you?



2 thoughts on “The Biggest Reading Disappointment This Year.

  1. The last but one book I read was of that ilk. . the horriblest things in too graphic detail for me. Headstone. By Ken Brien. My goodness! Honeybun, on the other hand, does a great hatchet job..unlike my efforts! Cheers


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