2017 Reading List -Done and Dusted.


I surrender. * waving white flag.

With the constant summer humidity, work demands, and Christmas Festivities I am unable to participate in any more reading this year. My head is too full and the old bod is tired.

For the next few weeks, until we get past the day when the jolly man in the red suit arrives, I will only be reading News Updates on the tablet, or watching DVDs under the cool of the ceiling fans, chilled G and T in hand.

And of course, the blogs of wonderful people out  there in blog world. Thank you to all for sharing some truly interesting stuff, the stuff that makes you laugh, cry, think, informs and takes you back to places you had forgotten.

Oh, I might read a cookbook or two. Every summer it is nice to present a new dish to the Christmas table. This summers on trend salad seems to be anything with watermelon in it. Watermelon, mint and Kalamata Olives? Not sure if that will satisfy any of the blokes at the table…..

The only Reading Challenge I participate in is the Australian Author Challenge : books by Aussie Authors. Book numbers hold no appeal.  I find I don’t enjoy reading when it comes to key performance indicators – blame too many years working in Customer Service……

As Frank Zappa once said, “too many books, too little time”. If a book doesn’t grab me within twenty pages they get the flick. It’s my lack of concentration and focus. They didn’t make it to the list.

There is no TBR List. Life is too bloody short. I read what I want to read, and a psychoanalyst would be hard pressed to determine why some reads tickle my fancy at the times that they do.

The pile of books at the end of my bed continues to grow, though to celebrate the end of the year my bedside table is finally clear, allowing more room for cards, letters, and that teapot full of divine sustenance.


In summary, my reading year has again been full of surprises. Coming across a book by total accident that included my Dad’s war history absolutely threw me, anything by Hannah Kent is five star, and I quite enjoyed a couple of “girlie” novels too. Putting that down to old age, hey?

I’m sure a chilled something is calling. So until then, may Santa bring you a heap on new books, and more importantly, the time to enjoy them……..

Star of Aqualina – B C Mercer.
Beach Music – Pat Conroy.
Rogue Lawyer – John Grisham
Perfume – Patrick Suskind.
A Taste of Romance – Anthology -Lauren James
The Good People – Hannah Kent.
Four Godly Kingdoms -Matthew Reilly.
The Crossroad – Mark Donaldson.
Touchstone – Laurie R King
Midsummer Garden – Kirsty Manning.
Jack – Margaret Szalay.
Touchstone – Laurie King
Short and Tall Tales – Lillian Jackson Braun.
Arthur’s War – Arthur Bancroft.
Other People’s War- Justin Sheedy.
X – Sue Grafton.
Down The Dirt Roads – Rachael Treasure.
The Fabulous Flying Mrs Miller – Carol Baxter
Truly Madly Guilty- Liane Moriarty.
All that is lost between us – Sara Foster.
The Blasphemer – John Ling.
MaNamaras Woman – Lisa Gardner.
The Big Score – Peter Corris
Falling – Emma Kavanagh.
The Prophecy of Bees – R S Pateman.
The Big Score – Peter Corris
The Chocolate Tin – Fiona Macintosh.
Under the Spanish Stars – Alli Sinclair.
My Wicked, Wicked Ways – Errol Flynn.
My Fathers War – Sophie Masson.
Girl in The Water – Paula Hawkins.
Dead or Alive – Michael Rowbottham.
The Farmers Wife – Rachael Treasure.
Food, Sex, Money – Liz Byrski.
Q is for Quarry – Sue Grafton.
Miracle Cure – Harlan Coben.
Lancaster Men – Peter Rees.
The Railway Man’s Wife – Ashley Hay.
Memories of a Go Go Dancer.
Goodoo Goodoo – Robert G Barrett.
The Good Daughter – Karen Slaughter.
You Sent Me A Letter – Lucy Dawson
Trial By Fire – Terri Blackstone.
Quentin, Not All Super Heros Wear Capes- Quentin Kenihan.
50 Bales of Hay – Rachael Treasure.
Rain music – Di Morrissey.
Ghost Children – Sue Townsend.
The Secret She Keeps – Michael Robotham.
The Distant Hours – Kate Moreton.
Memoirs of a Go Go Dancer – Justin Sheedy.
The Killer On The Wall – Emma Kavanagh.
The Rattled Bones – S M Parker.
The Museum of Modern Love – Heather Rose.
Wattle Creek – Fiona McCallum.
The Beach Cafe – -Lucy Diamond.
The House At Evelyn’s Pond – Wendy Orr.
Camino Island- John Grisham.
The Dry- Jane Harper.
Perfect – Cecilia Ahearn.
V Is For Vengeance -Sue Grafton.
The Patterson Girls- Rachael johns.
Memoirs – Lindsay O’Brien.
The Happiest Refugee – Ahn Do
Sandakan – Paul ham.
Paper Towns – John Green.
Thirsty, memoir of. Fame Whore – Joel Creasy
Reversal – Michael Connelly.
A Memoir – Peter Fitzsimons.
Mercy – Jodie Piccoult.
Saving Grace. – Fiona McCallum.
Time will Tell – Fiona McCallum.

2 thoughts on “2017 Reading List -Done and Dusted.

  1. That is one impressive stack! I love reading as well, but blogging, travel, kitchen time and exercise all get there cut of time too-so, my book stack is a lot smaller and sadly, I rarely venture from my usual mystery/suspense genre! I am reading with you in spirit and in awe of your commitment 🙂

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    1. Isn’t it wonderful that we have the opportunity to enjoy so many varied interests? I don’t read as much as I used to as I also sell home grown saplings at Markets ( as a fundraiser for exservicepersonnel) , have a small business, work part time, write articles about travel and adventures – and get paid for the pleasure, and have just signed up for art classes.Thankyou for joining me:) Have a fantabulous day.

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