Basil, Ghosts, Cat, Carpets and Some Me Time Soon.

Still another week at the coal face before I can stop for a fortnight. So looking forward to the break and catching up on things. Is it dreadfully sad to be looking forward to shampooing the carpets on your holiday?

My Basil Plant is in need of a massive prune so I’ve been making Basil Salt as small Christmas gifts for friends. Although we generally don’t use table salt, this makes a nice addition to steak or barbecued meats. I’ll make a couple of jars of Pesto this week. As the daughter of depression parents I detest wasting my homegrown herbs.

I occassionly review Events for an international organisation. Last night I was sent on a Ghost Walking Tour of Brisbane to review. That’s why I am up so late : unable to sleep because of all the images in my head.

Saw Cat Stevens in concert. Who of you out there muttered “ who?”. Still sounds like Cat, though no longer smouldering. Bit confrontational really to see one of the loves of your youth up on stage looking every inch a grandfather. * refusing to look into mirror ever again.

So, still no time for reading, though these two recent releases, and Australian to boot, are diarised for breaks between carpet cleaning.



One more week, right. I can do this.

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