Meet My Nemisis

Frank Zappa once said, “Too many books, too little time”. So true.

This quote has eased my guilt when I’ve had a book that I’ve just not been able to finish. There aren’t that many, as if I’m getting bored and losing focus a little skim reading does the trick. Some books will sit on the bedside table for months at a time because they are challenging but I will persist, especially historical or financial tomes. ( Sorry, Bernadette, still working through two of yours).

Meet my nemisis.

Big print, only 200 pages, and I love cats. Grew up surrounded by cats. Siamese cats were the brothers I never had.  Eight months in, and it’s Sayonara. I just can’t get into it. Even the title puts me off. Strange, isn’t it? That such a simple little novel could be the one that beats you…..



It’s not the whole animal book thing either as this one made great train reading fodder.



Gizelle is a 160 pound English Mastiff who has a wonderful relationship with her human. Personally, I was continuously wondering how you could afford to feed such a massive woofit. No tears, but rather joy that people and animals can coexist so beautifully. There’s a Lesson right there…….

And on an even brighter note, the ceiling fans have at last been turned off and it looks like our first rainy day since before Christmas. The garden will be so grateful. It cooled down so quickly that I defrosted soup that I had made from the Xmas Ham bone for tea. Three months of salad takes its toll, you know.

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