The Latest Trend In Book Shelf Placements. Yes or No?

Angela Mollard is an Australian journalist and social commentator. My youngest daughter alerted me to an article written by Mollard in the weekend paper.

The article opens with:

“LAST year when I planned to sell my house I had some stylists come in to make it look, well, stylish.
The first thing they did was pull all the books off my floor-to-ceiling shelves and stack them, with ruthless efficiency, in colour-coded piles.
Then they put them back on the shelves in little collections of colours with some of the books standing upright and others stacked horizontally.On top of the books they placed things from round the house — a globe, some colourful tiles from Mexico, a vintage camera, a photo of a sycamore pod and a bird’s nest I’d found under a tree in the front garden”.


My youngest daughter is working her way through the 1001 Books To Read Before You Die List. Many of the books on the List are quite old and hard to come by. One of her greatest joys is ruffling through antiquarian book shops where she will happily lose an hour in pursuit of a title. Most of these books she keeps where they find their “forever home” on her bookshelves. Some, upon reading, go elsewhere.

My youngest is in the process of relocating and is currently living in a state of fear. You see, her elder sister, the semi professional renovator and lover of all things minimalist, is determined to run with the interior decoration of the new abode. I am ashamed to admit that she is a huge fan of colour coordinated book spines.

Mollard warns us that “ a British interior designer called Lauren Coleman recently stacked her books backwards with the spines to the wall in order to keep the colour palette of her living room “neutral”.


What the heck?

I always thought you purchased a property on the basis of three things :

0. Position. Position. Position
0. Daggiest house in the best street
0. And It’s all about the “bones” of a house
0. Must be close to a variety of eateries and a decent dress shop.

So, I fibbed about that last one, but I do not lie when I share with you that no financial advisor ever told me to colour coordinate my book spines in order to pocket a little extra of the folding stuff in a sale.

Talk about a First World problem.

I am aware that my feet are firmly planted in another era, when indoor plants and macrame planters were on trend. What, they are back, did I hear you say?

That at least gives me hope that a bookshelf full of individuality and much loved reads will be back in favour in the not too distant future.

Today’s Pop Quiz:

Yes or No. Do you colour coordinate your book spines?



2 thoughts on “The Latest Trend In Book Shelf Placements. Yes or No?

  1. No, I was just sorting my bookshelves the other day & was trying to sort by type and then alphabetical order by author. This way hopefully it will be easier to find a book when I’m looking for a specific one.


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