Good Friday and Rosemary


Good Friday, and it IS a Good Friday.

Repotted some plants today and fussed over my young Rosemary cuttings. Rosemary is synonymous with Anzac Day as there was an abundance of Rosemary bushes on the hills of Anzac Cove in Gallipoli at the time of the landing in 1915. It has since become tradition for Australians to wear a sprig of Rosemary on the 25th of April.


Rosemary Oil also has properties that aid the memory – another reason that this beautiful bush is so popular on the day! Rosemary For Memories………(Tip : if you have a student about to sit exams, a few drops of Rosemary Oil in a diffuser is said to help).

I have less than a dozen plants left now, which I plan to sell over the coming week, with all funds raised going to my charity which supports ex service personnel requiring a hand up upon deployment. Come late winter I will start the process all over again, taking cuttings, planting, and giving much love to these beautiful little shrubs. And yes, some are destined for my pantry where they will offer themselves as a sacrifice to enhance the Sunday roast.


Funnily enough I recently became acquainted with the Geranium Lady of Queensland. She propagates and then later sells Geraniums for the very same reason. She has a son in the military. I have a son-in-law named after Douglas Macarthur. Says it all really. We girls recently met up for a coffee only to discover that nearly forty years ago we attended the same high school nearly 2000 kilometres away. Bizarre.

So no reading this weekend. I am having fun with some books that were gifted to me some time ago, the idea being to create your own Lists. The music one is far easier to compile as songs are transient. After all, I’m still listening to my LPs from the 1970’s. ( okay, yes, slightly embarrassed). Not so with books. Sometimes I select a book for reading from the Library only to remember 200 pages in that I have already read it. More Rosemary for me please……


A peaceful Easter to you all.


7 thoughts on “Good Friday and Rosemary

  1. I just brought in some rosemary this morning before sitting down to coffee. I’m looking for your follow button or like buttons and don’t see them. When you leave a comment and I click on your blog name, it doesn’t take my to any part of your site that I can read. I had to do a little wandering to get here. It took me awhile to figure all that tech stuff out in the beginning. I’d like to follow but I’d have to do it out of my reader and I rarely go there. Hope you have a wonderful Easter.


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