Home Sweet Home

Easter is on its last legs and I can honestly say that I am feeling much refreshed having done very little. Sometimes doing nothing is every bit as important as doing something.

The idea of downsizing nearly eighteen months ago came from continuously having my hand in my pocket for home maintenance and just not being physically able to maintain my third of an acre block.

My new home is on a piece of land the size of a handkerchief. Despite its lack of area, I have fruit trees, a flourishing vegetable garden, and an assortment of wildlife that regularly visits. This is my Go To book when someone, or something, new visits.


Like to meet some of my regular guests?

My weekly shopping includes additional fruit for the possums that visit on a nightly basis, guinea pig food for the wallabies, bird seed for the parrots, and a kilo of meat for the kookaburras, magpies, butcher birds, and Percy the Water Dragon. Oh, yes, they all have names……

The possums are currently carrying their babies on their backs and the little ones climb off and crawl through the fence where they can eat without any threat from the adults, before returning to mum for a ride home.

The Scrub Turkeys, Rosie and Willemena,  have gone walkabout so I assume they are sitting on eggs somewhere.

Yes, there is the occasional ……..* ssssshhhh, keep your voice to a whisper ……….snake. Probably wise not to mention what happens to them.

Who needs to go away for Easter when you can go Glamping in your own back yard?


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