A Week Of Anniversaries…..

It has been a massive week.

Firstly, eighty years since the release of The Adventures of Robin Hood, or more affectionately, TAORH, featuring Errol Flynn.


Reason enough for a glass of bubbles, don’t you think?

Seventy five years since the Dambusters Raid.

I have never been one to have a Bucket List. The Depression parents taught me that if it was earned, and if you could pay cash for it, then enjoy it whilst you can. After all, “ you’re a long time dead”. So the newly opened Bomber Command Centre in Lincolnshire  is on my To Do List For 2019, before I get to that stage where all that sitting on the long flight kills me.


So,  another bubbles down the hatch.

The annual Anywhere Theatre Festival is currently engulfing Brisbane. Song, dance, mime, plays, puppetry – all being performed in the strangest of places : Cafes, theatre spaces, pubs, parklands, the parking lots of shopping centres, and the back gardens and porches of the general public. I enjoyed a performance in an old water reservoir, 20 metres underground.

And for all those who poohbah the cost of theatre, tickets are generally the same price as coffee and cake for two! Just bite the bullet and be surprised.


Of course I had a bubbles.

Lastly, young Harry and the American lass with the family  that keeps on keeping on. Not a royalist, and also have concerns about the massive amount of money that could be spent elsewhere, but never is…….

But you know what ? In amongst the school shootings, the political rubbish spouted by our leaders, the corruption of the banking sector and our local governments, and the growth of both homelessness and ice addition, sometimes  this old girl needs to believe in happy everafters. Even if she know she doesn’t believe, it is sometimes comforting to pretend.

So be it : more bubbles and cucumber sandwiches tonight.  Sometimes you just have to grab your joys where you can 🙂







3 thoughts on “A Week Of Anniversaries…..

  1. I love that Robin Hood movie! Good point about the cost of theatre. So often we hold back, or deny ourselves something that we could actually afford and bring us joy, if only we were a little more creative with our approach!


    1. Yes, it’s interesting, isn’t it. So many think that the cost of attending the theatre is prohibitive, when often this is not the case of all. I’m a big fan of local community theatre which are usually cheap as cheap and good fun. I wonder if there is an element of fear of the unknown.
      Thanks to both you and Bub for dropping by:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The fear of the unknown often lurks in the background!
        I try and unpack my ‘excuses’. Money is often my excuse, but on reflection it’s rarely the reason. Because with a creative approach I could actually afford the activity.
        Always a pleasure dropping by! (Just less frequent now with Bub 😉 )


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