Literary Events In My Neck Of the Woods.

My local pub, and witness to some truly appalling dance moves when Irish music is combined with Chardonnay, is hosting a literary luncheon featuring Aussie crime writer, Michael Robotham.


Robotham’s novels have been shortlisted for numerous awards including the UK Gold Dagger and US Edgar Award. Four of Michael’s ‘Joe O’Loughlin novels’ have been turned into TV movies in Germany and an English language TV series is in development. His standalone novels Life or Death and The Secret She Keeps have also been optioned for film and TV projects in the US and UK.

As part of this event this Friday, the author will be discussing his latest release, The Other Wife, which again features Joe O’Laughlin. Never heard of Joe? He is a fascinating character: a Clinical Psychologist battling Parkinson’s disease with a plethora of his own problems. Love him to death. Isn’t strange when you really do get attached to a character in a book?


The reviews suggest that this will be Joe’s last outing, so I can confirm there has been some angst in my household as I am unable to attend.

I am attending a book launch next week, come hell or high water. The Missing Man is the biography of Len Waters, the first aboriginal fighter pilot.

From SMSA :
Len Waters was a Kamilaroi man. Born on an Aboriginal reserve, he left school at thirteen and by twenty was piloting a RAAF Kittyhawk fighter with 78 Squadron in the lethal skies over the Pacific in World War II. It was serious and dangerous work and his achievement was extraordinary. These would be the best years of his life. Respected by his peers, he was living his dream.The war over, it should have been easy. He believed he could ‘live on both sides of the fence’ and be part of Australia’s emerging commercial airline industry. He had, after all, broken through the ‘black ceiling’ once before. Above all, he just wanted to fly. Instead, he became a missing man in Australia’s wartime flying history.


Waters lived in the Brisbane suburb of Inala for over thirty years. It is at the park bearing his name that author Peter Rees will be sharing an insight into Len Waters.

Last year, I reviewed here Peter Rees’, Lancaster Men, which was a fascinating read, and one that wasn’t so technical that it blew us non military types off. I’m hoping for something similar with The Missing Man.

And yes, I’m still a tad belligerent over missing Robotham and enjoying a wine by the Bay. Brizzy May’s home is one for the very brave only at the moment.

9 thoughts on “Literary Events In My Neck Of the Woods.

      1. But our favorite pub is not nearby. I do like a nice glass of wine and Mike does like a beer. It does sound nice. Our favorite pub is on the other side of the long bridge!


  1. Oh, hey, I thought I’d throw this at ya for fun. A blog friend inquired about film industry connected stories and I have some due to my late brother-in-law, an actor named Larry Pennell. One I think you’ll get a kick out of. He was still new to the business and was at some nightclub. Standing next to him, scoping out “the action”, as it were, was your friend Errol Flynn. I believe this was around the time Flynn was making “Too Much, Too Soon”, so that’s ’57 or ’58. Anyway, Errol, highball in hand, made some droll casual comments about the damsels they were both ogling, just amiable chatter. So now you “know” a guy, who knew a guy who met The Guy. I’ll take a case of Tasmanian wine, or beer. Please don’t send one of the devils in a crate. Cheers, Mark


    1. Well, that put a smile on the dial – Thankyou. Whiskey is the latest big thing from Tasmania with half a dozen new distilleries all the rage. I’ll be experiencing the Whiskey Trail in a few weeks, for research purposes only of course. Off to read up on Larry Pennell…….


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