The Other Wife by Michael Robotham

287687AE-F4FC-4739-8CC5-D0D96BA9E43DThere was some interest in my local, the Grand View Hotel, so I thought I would share some more photos to prove that my favourite port of call on a hot summer day is not just about the wine. Besides, it is mid winter here.


Here are some snaps of the view across to North Stradbroke Island, affectionately known as Straddie, as well as shots of the beer garden.

I’ve also included a photo of the lunch venue for the launch of Michael Robotham’s latest crime novel, The Other Wife. Yes, I did get there, though it’s a long story.


Interestingly, I was so miserable at the prospect of missing this function that I purchased the novel as an e-book earlier in the week for $15. Now I’m not good with e-books. I can’t feel the pages, I can’t put them on a book shelf, and there is no intimacy. It was simply an impulse buy to salve my despondency as I needed to know what happened to my favourite Clinical Psychologist, Joe O’Loughlin, right then and there. Not because I am a nut job – although that is debatable –  but because these psychological thrillers are just so damn good. $15 for an E Book – how ridiculous is this!!!!!!!( Yes, how stupid am I?)

Anyway, we scrounged some last minute tickets where the paperback, signed by the author, was available for purchase for $23.00

I read The Other Wife in one sitting. I will reread it again because there was so much I missed, being in such a hurry to find out “who dunnit”.


I’ve become attached to Joe O’Loughlin just as I have with Cormoran Strike (by Galbraith), because they have to function on their intellect rather than their deteriorating bodies, unlike Bond, Bourne, or Reacher who depend on their brawn. An aside : I stopped reading the Jack Reacher books once Tom Cruise became involved in the movies of the same name. “Suspect” is the only way to describe this unpleasant little man…..

If you get a chance to listen to Robotham he is fascinating. Humorous, light and uplifting – not at all what you would expect from an experienced Crime writer and Ghost Writer for professional criminal analysts. He was generous with his time sharing background experiences, tips to assist the writing process, and his interest in secrets.

As for Joe O’Loughlin? He’s doing it tough in this one. His Parkinsons is worsening, the daughters are grieving for their mother, and when Joe’s 80 year old father is rushed to hospital with neurological issues after an incident, Joe comes face to face with his Dad’s other wife in the Intensive Care Unit. Talk about secrets……..



2 thoughts on “The Other Wife by Michael Robotham

  1. Very nice. I was mentioning to my husband the other day about a more local pub and he said we have more sports bars here and it is true. Very few pubs to hang out in for hours and if one does, a lot of drinking and sports talk does go on. We are a big sports city, so people congregate more for sports and not for authors. We have more author talks at other venues. On the other side of the bridge, I believe it is a little different.


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