4 thoughts on “Bees & Mel Gibson.

  1. Love “Braveheart” and of course “Gallipoli” and “The Year Of Living Dangerously”. Guy’s a bit of a nutjob, but he’s a good actor and a helluva director. Since you’re from Down Under, let me honk in a anecdote that ties Mel, your native land and “Gallipoli”. About 22 years ago I was on a tour of Eastern Europe and went to Turkey, as being in the neighborhood. Dutifully went to Gallipoli and fell into company with a whole tour group from Oz. I was the only Yank, but they were kind enough to not throw me into the Dardenelles, and we had a great visit. Really neat guide of the sites from a terrific Turkish gentleman. It was that movie, “Breaker Morant” and “Don’s Party” that really got me hooked on things Aussie. Of course, I’d been long prepped to love “Waltzing Matilda” since “On The Beach” and liked “The Sundowners”, but that rebirth of Australian cinema in the early 80s was a breath of fresh air (okay, maybe somewhat beer-scented). Really enjoy your site! Cheers, Mark


    1. Great story. We Dinky Di’s don’t mind quenching the thirst in good company 🙂 I read The Sundowners in Primary School. The school librarian sent a note home requesting parental permission as the book was considered “risqué” for a ten year old. Breaker Morant was my first foray into Aussie flicks and I even travelled to Burra, South Australia, which borders the Flinders Ranges to view where it was filmed. It looked just as it did in the movie. Scapegoat to the Empire is an interesting book by George Whitton who is fella number three who didn’t get shot.
      Thanks for dropping by, Mark from Portland 🙂



    Hi Edna!
    I enjoyed your stories, and now I’ve worked out how I can say that.
    Loved the clover, very artistic for the bees. They will enjoy that.
    You have a green thumb with all off your flowers there.
    Enjoyed your Mel story.I think he is our age.
    I have a funny story about him too.
    It was 1980’s early.. I went into Randwick one Saturday night at a Church Hall to see a play with Mel Gibson and Noni Hazlehurst and other notables…to see Dad n Dave, On our Selection. There was a fellow that lived in the flat above the new Dr s Surgery. He reminded me of Clark Kent. Anyway, he caught the bus too. and Low and behold, when I got the Church Hall there he was! Mel And Noni were great that night, I still have a really old book on our Selection.. and that always reminds me of Kevin Rudd, cause it was written by Steele Rudd.
    Always had a soft spot for the troubled Mel and they should bring back Noni re runs on Better Homes. would be a bit scary with John Jarratt, would think about Wolf Creek …


    1. Cath, Mel’s got about 7 years up on me, so must be about 9 on you. I never liked him when he was young. Too pretty. Yes, I remember Steele Rudd. Up here in Qld I also remember Kevin Rudd. His son did law with my daughter. Pleased you saw Mel in Randwick – I saw Hunters and Collectors there in the bad old days. Hadn’t realised you were into live performance – we must sit down over a vino or two to compare notes. Retiring for the second time soon to allow for more out and abouting. Nice to see you here. X


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