Motivational Speakers.

Ok, I’m shaking my head in total confusion here. I simply don’t comprehend something about America. Is it a cultural thing? Was my ex mother in law correct in saying that its a case of my simply not being sophisticated enough? How stupid am I, really?

No, it’s nothing to do with President Donald Trump.  I come from better stock than that. Your President: I dare not say a word. Besides, we Aussies are battling with our own clowns, thank you very much.

It’s “motivational speaker” Jordan Belfort that has my blood pressure soaring. Motivational Speaker. What the? Isn’t this the same gent of Wolf Of Wall Street infamy? That dudded millions out of Mum and dad investors? Millions. As in Big money

My American blogger friends, help me here please, because as one our homegrown political idiots says, “I’m not getting it. Please explain.”

How can this conman be a Motivational Speaker earning big bucks spruiking about ethics and sales?

Belfort was in Australia a few years ago. According to Wikipedia :

An investigation led by 7News and The Sunday Mail uncovered links between Belfort and employment company Career Pathways Australia run by Paul Conquest, who also has majority-ownership of Face to Face Training.[55] These two brands were heavily promoted at Belfort workshops held at Brisbane’s Eatons Hill Hotel. Belfort reportedly gave two workshops on Sales for the staff of Face to Face Training.[56]
Face to Face Training received $3.9 million from state government during FY-2014 and $6.34 million during FY-2015 for its training and assessment services. The majority of this money was expected to be spent on service training and certification which did not happen. 9 news Australia called the training program a scam and the certification program a “Tick Flick”[57] in its 60 Minutes segment.

I do recollect back then having a dummy spit because many Brisbanites had put their hand up to pay something in the order of $250 a ticket to mix and mingle with this dip stick at the Brisbane Convention Centre, conveniently known as The Barn. They were the days before I had mellowed.

My parents would say “ more money than sense”.

I’ve recently ambled across several (American)  bloggers here quoting the “inspirational words” of said Jordan Belfort. I nearly choked on my own vomit.

Pretty easy going I’m not really interested in a persons colour, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic demographic. I admit I do get a bit judgey when it comes to the important things – like, do you like the movie, Casablanca? Red wine or White? Dark chocolate or Caramel. (The darker the better please). Who was the best Robin Hood? You know, the real big stuff in life….

Could someone please explain to me what this is all about, because I’m befuddled.

More frightening, who will be the next nincampoop to jump on this merrygoround…..and pull in the dollars?


4 thoughts on “Motivational Speakers.

  1. We don’t have to pay to listen to him ramble. I am not too familiar with him: I will have to look him up sometime but your good breeding does show with no comments about our President. I am a fan of us but was not of President Obama but I never said anything about him. I just figured we were on different sides.


    1. Yes, please looking him up. I’ve read his book, of the same name of the movie starring Leonardo Dicapprio. An awful man. I understand that he his paid for his crime doing time in prison, but he is still morally corrupt. Obviously charismatic in some way as to be held up as inspirational. I’ve alwayns been cynical and question charisma. Seems to cover a lot of faults. Enjoy your day, Cupcake.

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  2. “Not sophisticated enough” to understand America is enough to “gag a dog off a gut wagon”, to quote Sam Peckinpah (“Ride The High Country”). But then “ex-mother-in-law” is a mine shaft of possibility all by itself (think Ethel Merman in ‘Mad World’). I’m sure it’s not a vein of idiocy that is only open to My Country Whiz By Me, and human gullibility for fakes can be found from Lesotho to Osaka to Rorkes Drift and back, but, yes (I’m struggling here, it’s painfully obvious) we geography and history challenged buffoonists seem to be producing a bumper crop of red,white & blue swine lately. As to Hair Furor, don’t get me started or we’ll be here all weekend and someone will pass out after the 6th bottle hits the mailman (wtf?).


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