It’s On Sale.

Two news headlines grabbed my attention this week:-

Australian man arrested for having sex with horse claims it ‘winked’ in consent.”


“The three little words women want to hear is not I Love You, rather It’s On Sale.

My shopping mantra is let’s get it over and done with. I do not window shop. I detest shopping centres. I have never in my life eaten a meal from an eatery in the middle of a food hall in a shopping mall. One of my proudest achievements really, right up there with never having watched a Star Wars movie nor ever owning any Tupperware.

When I visited the city markets last weekend my favourite DVD retailer, who has a personal collection of over 4000 movies, advised that he was hanging up his boots and doing the Grey Nomad thing, travelling around the country in his mobile home. He is selling off his movie collection and recommended that I write a list of my requirements.

It was at that moment that my eyes glazed over and I could hear nothing but the pumping of blood creeping around my own arteries.

Arghhhh, so this is how the sisterhood must feel when they hear the words “it’s on sale”……….

The Lifeline Bookfest affects me in much the same way. Four kilometres of preloved books piled up on trestle tables. It’s a beautiful thing.



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