Coincidence or Synchronicity : Part 2

Earlier in the year I shared how I had met The Geranium Lady who sells potted plants of colour to raise funds for exservice personnel and their families suffering from PTSD. As I do the same with Rosemary saplings for the same organisation it was beaut to finally meet and enjoy a coffee together. It was just bizarre to learn that 40 years beforehand we had attended the same school, a school in a (then) semi rural suburb in a totally different State. It was a real Small World moment.

Having a strong presence in the local arts scene the Geranium Lady gifted me tickets to a community theatre production, The Girls In Grey, an award nominated one act play, debuted on Anzac Day, which was fitting given that it was a representation of Australia’s Nurses during World War 1. It was all the things you would expect – sombre, challenging, and full of Aussie humour – and of course I had a wee sob.


At the charity book sale six weeks ago where I totally excelled in finding some bargains I purchased a pre loved book called Anzac Girls from the military section, again about the ANZAC Nurses of WW1. It was not a book I was chasing, though God knows it’s several years since my search for Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence by Laurans van der Post began. ( I did own a copy of both the book and the movie at one time. Funny how when daughters fly the coop things disappear along with them. “But , Mo, it’s part of my David Bowie collection”. * growling.) Anyway, it was just one of those books that “spoke” to me and so it now has a place on the book shelf.


Two funny things here :

1. Since reading this book ( which I will chat about at another time as it is an amazing read, and I mean absolutely bloody amazing, I have discovered that the concept of the play I saw some months previous was based on this book.

2. The author, Peter Rees, is the same chappie that wrote The Missing Man, about the Aboriginal Fighter Pilot during WW2. I developed an agonising headache one morning a fortnight ago and was unable to go into work. Thankfully I recovered quickly and was able to enjoy the book launch that afternoon:)

Creepier still, when I visited my contact selling his personal 4000 movie collection at the markets last weekend, he pulled out of the back of his van a carton of Australian movies on DVD. Can you guess the DVD on the very top of the stack?

Yep, Anzac Girls, a series of six one hour episodes produced by the ABC some four or five years ago. You know what I’ve been watching all weekend, don’t you.


Now that’s synchronicity.


2 thoughts on “Coincidence or Synchronicity : Part 2

    1. I rarely put the tv on Jen, so was unfamiliar with this series. I was unimpressed by episode 1 and nearly gave the whole thing a miss – too much flirting and chasing the lads. Pleased I stuck with it as it follows the book quite faithfully, though with little depth. It is an important story though : when we learnt about Gallipoli in school there was no mention of the Nurses, was there? I have vague memories of wearing a white apron and red cape with a Red Cross for Anzac Day ceremonies but never put the two together. Thanks for dropping by, Jen 🙂

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