Spring Updates.

1. 4,000 Poppy Seeds failed to germinate. My plans for a display of colour in the front yard for Remembrance Day in November have been thwarted. I’ve bought myself a scarf instead.


2. The Little Community Library continues to gather support. The local blokes seem to be into swapping fishing and camping mags – unless it’s just the wives doing a little Spring Cleaning?

3. I’ve read three of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books in three days from the Library. Three is enough. Not putting my hand up for the movie/s. Tom Cruise ? Just so wrong….


4. The Queensland Symphony Orchestra performed Music From The Movies locally. Highly recommended if you get a chance to see musicians at play. Music can be so very stirring.

5. Which reminds me……I was sprung, still in Phantom of the Opera mode, singing along happily to myself whilst awaiting my Smashed Avocado and coffee the other morning. The proprietor applauded my attempts at a rain dance. Talk about embarrassing.

6. My Bing Crosby loving daughter tells me that the recent theatrical production of Calamity Jane in the ACT was brilliant and that when you purchased tickets there was the option to select seats on stage at the bar. Be part of the performance. I so want to do this! I loved getting dressed in my Annie Oakley outfit when I was five. Please please please.

7. A new movie due for release next month. I’m feeling anxious.


Apologies. In limbo land, in between being expected to contribute and achieve and not giving a rats. It’s an uncomfortable place, a strange place, an unfamiliar place.

Remember though – “Spring has sprung, the grass has riz”.


7 thoughts on “Spring Updates.

  1. The more I read you (literal, figurative) the more I want to come meet you on home sod. Not yet been to your Land Down Under. We could slam three or four and watch “They Died With Their Boots On”. Cheers from Portland, Mark


    1. Not big on the Flynn/de Havilland dynamic. Much prefer Alexis Smith giving Flynn grief so it would have to be Gentleman Jim:)
      I have one of those birthdays coming up. The kids suggested a gathering of friends for a craft afternoon. My response was reactionary and unladylike. I’m tossing up between Bomber Command Museum in Lincolnshire, Portobello Road, and then north to William Wallace country or Monument Valley, Arlington Cemetary, and Jellystone Park. Sadly, POTUS puts me off. Have a beaut week:)


      1. Believe me, I understand the POTUS reflex (everyone I know is horrified), but one reason to come here would be to see it before it turns into one big concentration camp and no one can get in–or out. I joke (not much). Monument Valley is a stunner, so’s Yellowstone, and Arlington is cool—JFK, Audie Murphy… Scotland sounds great, though and then you could have an excuse to say “Wall, we didna get dressed up for nuthin'”


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