Scrabble and Grass Hoppers

Not a good week with another co-worker collapsing during a friendly game of Scrabble and succumbing to a fatal stroke.

I’ve never encountered a friendly game of Scrabble, have you? In my family this word game is fiercely competitive. And both daughters like to play mind games, setting their mother up with melodic background music, dark chocolate and Grass Hoppers. That’s their queue to go in for the kill and come up with a triple word score with a Q. My eldest even keeps a notebook with all her past scores – just to gloat, presumably.

Trivia: Did you know Scrabble features in the best selling books: Lolita, The Handmaid’s Tale and Rosemary’s Baby?

One of my last tasks before my official retirement (I have requested time off for “good behaviour”), is to arrange a little something in the office as a celebration of our colleagues life. She had worked here twenty years after all. As always, something so simple became bigger than Ben Hur when there was a suggestion that a morning tea in our colleagues honour in the boardroom might be “too upsetting for the young ones”.

Holy Guacamole. I’m too old for this gig…… I think I prefer playing Scrabble to the weaving and ducking required to placate these millennials.


Monopoly has become another No Go Zone. Too many wannabe Real Estate Tycoons in the family. Initially mass marketed in America in 1934, Monopoly actually played a role in World War 2 assisting those who involuntarily became guests of the Third Reich.

As a way of providing information to the allied prisoners who were constantly looking for a means of escape, maps that included safe locations were manipulated onto the Monopoly board game. This is because one of the conditions of the Geneva Convention stated that games were acceptable in “Care” packages distributed by the Red Cross for POWs.

Small red dots were placed on the corner of the “Free Parking” square on numerous game boards relaying important information to aid UK and American prisoners before they set off.

Don’t even get me started on RISK.


So morning tea next week will include 60’s music for my Beatles and Bee Gees mad friend, cheese and fruit platters, and a truly wicked chocolate cake. I’m wondering if the boss will mind if I make Grass Hoppers all round as a send off?

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