It’s In The Bag and Constance Hall’s Queens.

I recently shared how I had read two Australian novels that included amongst their common themes, domestic violence. These books motivated me to participate in Share The Dignity’s “ It’s In The Bag” Christmas Promotion.

The concept behind this promotion is that women fleeing from violence often leave the scene with absolutely nothing. By filling a handbag with some basic daily necessities, such as a hair brush, tooth paste and brush, shampoo and personal hygiene products you give these women something that is theirs, something to help get them back on an even keel, something to remind them that we care. Refer


Amongst the essentials I’ve also included a diary, calendar for appointments, and pens. I really struggled to find an appropriate book to include for those down times over the holiday season, and finally settled on Like A Queen by Constance Hall.


Controversial, I know. Not sure if women over fifty will appreciate as the language is pretty confrontational and colourful. Hall not only calls a spade a spade, she calls it a f******* shovel. Younger women seem to think this is “authentic” and “real”.

Not heard of Constance Hall? She is a blogger with half a million followers on her page, Queens of Constance, and has shared her thoughts on parenting, body image, post natal depression and sex, all totally without filters. No topic is off limits which has been polarising especially with a recent marriage breakdown, new relationship and new baby.

At one stage Hall and her followers, known as Queens, were involved in a slinging match with another Mummy Blogger who tagged Constance, “Slummy Mummy”. No comment from this end.


Like A Queen is not an easy read in that it seems to need a good edit. Hall tends to get her message across better in short blog pieces, though I do believe that Hall’s genuine intent is to “keep inspiring women to treat themselves better and treat other women better too!” It’s the self esteem message that won me over…..

It’s not an easy task finding an appropriate Self Help book for the victims of Domestic Violence, a book with a message yet is still light and fun. I should know – my work environment has me surrounded by books about the benefits of drinking your own urine, eating the placenta after childbirth, and finding your inner child.

Is there a book that you would recommend?

Since the beginning of 2018, 67 women and 18 children have been killed in this manner in Australia.

5 thoughts on “It’s In The Bag and Constance Hall’s Queens.

  1. No book to recommend but you have me curious about your workplace! Unfortunately I couldn’t get through much of Constance’s book but happy to hear it’s got useful messages. Know some good books with DV themes but not from a self-help perspective…have you read Big Little Lies?


    1. Yes, Constance is not for me – must be getting old as the continual profanity did not impress. Plus, I think my parenting style was totally different, and I was never that “ casual”. I was after a reminder that you need to learn to accept yourself as who you are, and not who you are expected to be. Yes, I’ve read Moriarty’s book/s – I thought that one might be too close to the bone.
      Lol. I work in a Holistic Health and Wellness College with courses in Dowsing, Past Life Regression, Colour Therapy, Herbalism. That kind of thing. I’m the mainstream one that keeps everyone else safely tethered to the ground and not floating amongst the clouds.
      Bonzer weekend, Jen.

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