Little Library Update and Rocks.

The Little Library in the park near my home continues to gain momentum.

Because of my gallivanting over recent weeks I lost touch over the Christmas school holidays and was pleasantly surprised to find no vandalism and a stash of new books upon my return.

I even came across a lass who was reading and swinging her child at the same time. Now that’s dedication.

Indeed one of the local mothers encouraged the ankle biters to visit the park and the Little Library by planting hand painted rocks amongst the books as well as around the playground and surrounds.

Apparently this is a thing. The rocks are hidden in parks, with photos posted on a Facebook page so other parents can take their children to find the rocks, then re-hide them somewhere else. The trend started in America (where else?) and has spread all over the world.

I think I’de be tempted to go searching for these cuties.

This new global craze has kids getting outdoors to play hide and seek with hand-painted rocks. It has been praised as a cheap and easy way to get Little People away from technology and outside. Way to go, Mums!

I’ve been photographing Little Libraries on my travels. I hope someone may be inspired to organise something along the same lines within their own community. One friend is initiating a simple shelf of books for swapping purposes within her retirement village. Yee Haa! See, it’s not about being flash, it’s all about the service and community.

In The Blue Earth Cafe At Bodalla, NSW
Ainslie Shopping Centre, Canberra
In a playground in Mollymook, NSW

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