Seven Deadly Sins by Mikey Robins : Book Review

Retirement means that I’m doing much less reading thanks to not travelling two hours a day. Will less reading mean the crows feet around my eyes will fade?

I’ve just finished Mikey Robins’ Seven Deadly Sins And One Very Naughty Fruit. You may remember Mikey from the satirical Australian television program, Good News Week in the late 90’s. Most people admired Paul McDermott, the one with the beautiful singing voice. I was always a “Mikey” girl. These days he still has a media presence and is on the corporate speaking circuit. He is also an author and this book combines his love of food with his interest in history in a tour of some truly strange food related stories dating back to the Ancient Egyptians.

From Goodreads:

On the topic of GLUTTONY, Mikey exposes our obsession with outlandish overconsumption and the thrill of competitive eating. PRIDE reveals some of the most arrogant dinner hosts in history, and how the once humble chef has now achieved rock-god status. LUST sheds light on our aphrodisiac fixations and the most desired foods through time. SLOTH charts the curious evolution of the fork and the etiquette of flatulence. WRATH tells of sausage duels and poisonous spite, while GREED will make you blush at the indulgences of the rich and famous. And who hasn’t experienced ENVY when your dining companion’s plate sings while yours sputters?

There are some absolutely fascinating tidbits in this book, including some real eye openers, ( or maybe I’m just too genteel). Without getting too personal, are you a splosher? Someone who gets sexually aroused by either sitting, or watching someone else sitting, naked and grinding their “ bits “ into a Blackforest Cake or Pavlova. Baked Beans are apparently popular too…..

Who knew??? I’m never taking a humble pav to a Saturday night barbecue again.

Did you know that Cary Grant, actor, the epitome of urbane, witty gent about town, was so tight fisted with his money that he would use a pencil line to mark the milk level in the bottle so that he could ensure that none of his staff were using his dairy products?

The history of the fork is a fun read as is the origins of America’s National Donut Day, which celebrates two women who whipped up donuts for the troops in combat helmets during WW1.

I’m not going to retain any of the information that I’ve read, and that’s okay. Well, maybe I will remember the sploshing…

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