A Sunday Soiree

This canny old girl was thrilled with some bargains picked up at the local markets last weekend. Three DVDs and two books for the princely sum of $3.40. Thrilling! That I followed this with marinated mushrooms on toast for breakfast and went out for tea is an entirely different matter…

This weekend I sat up late by myself to watch one one of the movies. My selection of the 1943 effort was deliberate. Everybody else in my house retires early when I treat myself to a movie that does not contain a dragon, car crash, transformer nor Nicholas Cage. And that’s okay because it means I don’t need to share whatever it is I’m consuming at the time.

Heaven Can Wait is a delightful flick starring Don Ameche and beautiful Gene Tierney. There is a lovely scene early in the piece where Tierney, betrothed to Ameche’s lawyer cousin, attends a function to meet the fiancés family. Indeed, said function is quite the soirée with guests seated around the lounge room listening to one of the matrons singing to entertain the guests. This is when Tierney gets the sneezes, bumps into Ameche, and they elope.

I share this because I attended my first soirée yesterday. Did you know that these events are regaining in popularity? In the previous century listening to music with friends meant sitting around in bean bags eating dips and Lollygobbleblissbombs. Maturity and a growing inability to get up off the floor led to more comfortable seating arrangements and by then our cooking skills and eating habits had improved considerably.

Wendy Murray and John Reeves

Yesterday, some talented musicians entertained with a little jazz that included a Farsi prayer and a Spanish love song, which was accompanied by High Tea in a friend’s lounge room. It was an extremely pleasant way to lose a Sunday afternoon.

This morning I’m off to buy a more soirée suitable outfit, just in case of further invitations. And shoes, of course. And is there a Soirée specific cookbook, I wonder? ( My pinwheels were very last minute and so very ‘70’s).

So pleased the DVDs were such a bargain.

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