Kangaroos, Not Llamas

Whilst I was on house and dog sitting duties earlier in the year, I received a text from my gallivanting daughter and her partner. The photos showed Josie being chased by llamas and her text simply said, “Mo, we are having the time of our lives”.

Possibly one of the best things that a mother can ever hear from her child……

I successfully saved the lives of numerous plants too.

That morning we went on a drive north of Maitland along the Clarencetown Road, in an area densely populated by kangaroos lazing under the shade of towering Gums. My eyes glazed over after spotting a sign on the gate of a country property announcing Belgian Chocolates For Sale. Now honestly, I ask you, wouldn’t that pique your interest too?

Investigation required a drive up to the homestead where another sign welcomed us to Destiny Haven, which we were to learn was “a residential life skills training program for women to find freedom from controlling issues, such as addictions, self-harm, abuse and childhood trauma”.

Part of this process includes providing the tools to make these women employment ready by way of a social enterprise program in conjunction with the rehabilitation process.

The women living at Destiny Haven for up to 12 months receive counselling and other therapies, whilst learning the skills to make delicious chocolates, Christmas puddings, jams and honey from fruits grown on the property, as well as jewellery and tote bags.

How does learning how to make chocolates or marmalade make a person more job ready ?

By learning the skills to follow a process; of following instructions, of reading requirements, and being disciplined to finish the task. They also gain self esteem from the the successful completion of a project, organisational skills and seeing the results of commitment to the task. All good stuff.

We were shown around the Showroom with a full explanation of the services that these brave women facing their demons receive, and their enjoyment in producing such beautiful products for sale. We even sampled a selection of the Belgian Chocolates. Aggggghhhh – I was in Heaven.

Chocolates, puddings, candles. Truly girls – does it get better?

The Destiny Haven retail outlet, at 3931 Clarencetown Road, Brookfield, NSW, is open Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm. Sometimes, these products are also available at local markets, and at other times service organisations organise bus trips to this nurturing facility.

Destiny Haven is a Not For Profit organisation with no Government funding and all funds raised from products go back to assist women in need.

The chocolates were just delicious as was the Mawberry Jam, a mixture of mulberries and strawberries.

I was totally blown away by the behind-the-scenes activity at this beautiful rural property. And you know what? We may have only seen kangaroos, and not llamas, but I thought we too were having “the time of our lives”.

2 thoughts on “Kangaroos, Not Llamas

    1. Yes, Lesley, it was a wonderful discovery. I wish I lived closer as I would love to assist hands-on in some fashion. Something like setting up a Little Library, perhaps. And of course, it’s very much that thing that you never know what you are going to come across in your travels….
      Enjoy your day 🙂


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