On The Must Do Movie List

I know I recently said that I’m not a regular at the cinemas. Much more comfortable in my own home with dark chocolate or Camembert and a glass of vino. Often at this time of year with a knee rug. No shame, the rug is of good quality. Hides the flanelette pjs.

Two movies have gained my interest and both will be released within weeks:

Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan

Cross from Long Tan at the AWM

Robert The Bruce

I am conflicted about this one as I haven’t forgotten that Angus Macfadyen betrayed William Wallace. Down Under Remembers……

My apologies. I had meant to attach clips but WordPress is not cooperating and has done my head in. Not a happy Vegemite! Grrrrrrrr!

I’m also in the process of culling all the cheap second hand DVDs purchased at markets during summer. With it getting dark around 5pm it is so easy to slip into hibernation mode in winter. Just as well Music Trivia has restarted with its $15 Chicken In Pyjamas and complimentary drink.

Keeping A Girl Happy 101

This lot of DVDs and more books ( I tell ya, everywhere I go people give me books) are going to the local Special School. The physically and intellectually disadvantaged kiddies hold a monthly market whereby they raise funds for their school, and learn such skills as listening to and following instructions, handling money, customer service, communication, and merchandise placements. All good stuff.

  • Disappearing for a week. Log fires and wineries:)

7 thoughts on “On The Must Do Movie List

    1. Yes, Cupcake, when I downsized two years ago I decided to have a massive clean out. My daughters told me that they didn’t want my wedgewood, or possum collections and would toss everything to the dump when I was dead so I gave them away to people who would appreciate them. My general rule of thumb is if not used in twelve months it gets tossed.
      Except I’ve started painting ceramic pottery. It’s my mindfulness project. Starting to have a few too many pieces hanging around the place. I use most, others will become Xmas gifts. I might do a blog about them one day.
      Have a beaut day 🙂

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      1. I would be interested in hearing about the possum collection in one of your blogs. That is a good rule of thumb. I try to do that with clothing. I use clothing as rags or give away after losing weight or just becoming really old. They make great rags. Also, books.


  1. Hi there. If it’s any consolation, now that Wordmess has FORCED their new editor on the serfs, I have been fighting my blood pressure trying to get my stuff out. Apparently in order to use the ‘classic’ editor (the one I’ve used for years and uh–works–I will have to upgrade to Business Plan. I need to do that anyway, but they are really coercing the whole issue. It has ticked me off almost as much as everything else that’s going on (new needless war, pretend no climate disaster, etc.) I also am curious about Bobby Bruce ala Angus (he was GREAT in ‘Braveheart’). I enjoyed ‘Outlaw King’. ‘Danger Close’ looks interesting—we here at AlamoThermopylaeIsandlwana Central like our Desperate Odds Movies. Hoist a glass (or three) in my direction…..Cheers,Mark


    1. IT and Financial Planning types have created their own industry. Now wear garlic whenever I approach either. Thought WP was a bit on the quiet side. Blogs I follow keep dropping off. WT??? Next week I’m going to do some housekeeping here and see if that resolves the problem/s. Multiple.

      I can now get a seniors deal at the flicks so the movies cost $5. Cheaper than a milkshake. Or something. Really interested in Long Tan, though am a bit troubled comparing it to some of the recent biggies like Hacksaw Ridge, not having the same $ to spend on technics. Interested to see the outcome…… Girl, Mark – we don’t forget bastards. The Bruce was a bastard.

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