Housekeeping 101 and Music Trivia

Whilst the weather is lousy I have remained indoors and have been catching up on domestics. The spider webs have gone from cornices and if it’s not nailed down it’s been rehomed.

I did brave the rain last night for Music Trivia. Won a bottle of wine for being the Wooden Spooner. Trivia about Disco Music. Epic Fail. I appear to have bypassed that era completely. Next week is the music of Elvis, Beatles and Bee Gees. The King was before my time and The Beatles were a No No. Their hair was too long apparently. I wasn’t allowed to date any lads who had been to Vietnam either or who drove motor bikes or panel vans, and who had facial hair of any sort.

With my recent rage against WP Blocks I’ve attempted some housekeeping here. I haven’t set out to offend but hey, if you sell amoxicillin or viagra you’ve been wiped. I’m not a gambler, so sayonara, and have not ever, nor ever will be, in the market for a 90 metre cruiser.

Despite my recent retirement I believe I’m still very much connected to current lingo, though admit to being stumped by “White is a classic color choice for coffee tables”. What does this even mean? Spook code for what ?

Apologies also if you’ve been removed from the Following List. I’m all for cultural exchange and broadening horizons, though communication must be in English. I’ve studied a little French, Italian, and German. No Arabic nor Asian Languages. Goodbye.

I do not know how some of you disappeared, and some continue to do so. I’m sorry. Not being rude. If I was you’de know. Promise. Blame those boyfriends who went to Vietnam.

Still having issues with Blocks and adding photos and my Deleted folder continues to get thicker as my frustration grows.

One day I will get the settings right. At the moment it looks like a cats breakfast and that’s okay. I have Elvis music to catch up on.

2 thoughts on “Housekeeping 101 and Music Trivia

  1. Good post. With all the “can’t date” parameters, you must have been stuck going out with the geek whose pride and joy was his slide rule in a real leather case dangling on his belt. And what do you mean Elvis was before your time? Elvis is in everybody’s time. That is why you still hear him when you are descending in the Elevator. Right before Mel Torme and right after Willie Nelson.


    1. Accountants, Financial Advisors and Bank employees were very much encouraged though these days these are the ones with whom I have an appalling history.
      You know, I don’t think I’ve been in an elevator for thirty years. I’ll take a trip into the big smoke and make a day of it soon:)


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