Jack Reacher and Mickey Mouse

These books were left in a bundle by my front door during the week, a donation for the Little Community Library.

Naturally, I thought it prudent to read the Jack Reacher books before passing them on. Jack and I go back a long way. Great escapism and I’ve always had a soft spot for the lump of a man. Or thug if you prefer. (And that does not include the Tom Cruise version. What a crock!)

Sadly, I confess to breaking up with Jack. There is an issue when a girl wants to send Jack Reacher a Red Cross parcel. Or buy him a dog. Jack sorely needs a dog to call his own.

Someone please let me know when Lee Childs gives Jack a white picket fence or a share portfolio. Or a basset hound. I’ll read all about him again then.

Monash and Chauvel will be undertaken on those long hot days under the ceiling fans when all the guests have departed.

Same with Mickey Mouse.

And thanks from my neighbourhood. Much appreciated 🙂

8 thoughts on “Jack Reacher and Mickey Mouse

    1. Agree he’s never gonna mow the lawn every Saturday nor pop into the supermarket for the weekly Spot Specials. But can’t we have him put roots down on a bit a land somewhere he and his hound can catch rabbits and fish? Jack and his toothbrush have been on the road for so long I’m beginning to picture him feral like Forrest Gump when he was running from one coast across to the other.


  1. I could see him instead buying a small camper. Still mobile, but at least with a constant roof…and the dog. Ever notice how he buys his clothes every three days, but does not mention replacing his toothbrush, which spends lots of time in his shirt pocket?

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  2. Haha. Old Jack could use a break or at least a steady wardrobe. I like the series and have read several of the books but I got burnt out, too. I think the idea of one man being such a complete bad ass that no one can touch him story has gotten stale. I mean, it’s a cool thought but it’s hard to take seriously. I watched a Netflix movie called Polar last year and while, pretty entertaining, it turned the MC there into the same type of one-man-against-a-million type story. Ugh. Stop doing this, people! It’s way better to have a smaller body count and meaningful characters along with a somewhat realistic story. Haha. Great post!


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