Downsizing For The New Year

Change is in the air, as old patterns fall away and new energies are emerging. Consciously release what needs to be released, and welcome with a full embrace the newness you’ve prayed for and so richly deserve.” – Marianne Williamson

Each new year brings the ability to implement fresh, new changes.

I’m downsizing. That will be my my big change for the new decade. I’m going to reduce the size of my handbag.

Research indicates that women generally carry twenty one basic items in their handbag on a daily basis. Other than keys, wallet and sunglasses these can include safety pins, mints, toothbrush and floss, medication, pens, diary, book, comb, hair pins, hand cream, tissues, band aids, lipstick ……….and the list goes on and on and on.

When it comes to handbags I’ve always been a minimalist. Basics only.  Money, keys, spectacles, and in recent years, the Ipad.

I’ve always maintained good relationships with my handbags. Whilst some women collect shoes my preference is for going barefoot. Carryalls have always been more my thing and I’ve relished them being colourful, large and on the empty side. I don’t do clutter well.

I tend to work a handbag to death. They are not constantly rotated according to my wardrobe. Their day starts early and can finish late, and there’s a hint of co-dependency.

The new year has me reviewing my relationship with handbags and so I will begin the new decade with a smaller, more compact version. I will continue to opt for colour and consider this my effort to reduce my carbon footprint.

Of course, this move will necessitate the downsizing of my wallet. Advice from friends indicates that I will require a change purse and a card carrier, both requiring a huge shift in mindset.

We can do this.


When you’re finished changing, you’re finished. -Benjamin Franklin

16 thoughts on “Downsizing For The New Year

  1. I hate to spend much on a purse. So I get all mine at thrift stores. My best score to date is a Kate Spade bag that was $4.99 but I bought it on half price day! My husband couldn’t even object to it considering the price. I cleaned out my purse when I started having shoulder pain and discovered that the darn thing weighed 20 pounds!! It is no longer a lethal weapon coming in at 9 pounds including the cell phone…


  2. Except that….if you are waiting for a man made calendar date to implement a needed change, you are already too late. Changes to improve any aspect of your life should not wait, do them right away. If you do, January 1st will take care of itself.


  3. This year is closets for me! With much of my dad’s things in the garage and the basement there are moments of feeling overwhelmed but I can’t do anything about that until spring. So I’ve dug in and cleared out and reorganized 2 closets with one still in progress. I’ve had two weekends in a row involving poetry open mics or meetings.
    Good luck with the smaller purse!


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