Around The World Reading Challenge

I don’t need to count the number of books I read each year. I read because it gives me pleasure. Pure and simple.

This year I will add to the mix by deliberately focussing on reading books by authors from other countries, starting with Nigeria. Off to the Library next week to pick up Half Of A Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

This week I’m staying home. It doesn’t sit right gallivanting at the moment. Doesn’t mean that I’m not having fun. I’m up to series 4 of West Wing, continue to puppy sit and walk the grand fur-baby, and have read a couple of (appalling) books.

Australian comedian Kitty Flanagan’s 488 Rules For Life was a massive disappointment. I’ve seen Kitty live several times and love her to bits. Why so many of our celebrities are turning their hand to books I don’t know.

A couple of short stories by Robert G Barrett were even more woeful. Barrett, an Australian crime writer, was a butcher by trade. Say no more. They reminded me of my Uncle Bill, a commercial traveller, who used to keep a box of girlie magazines and cheap pot boilers in a box in the backyard dunny which was covered in choko vines.

I read his first book back in the early 80s. It was Sydney-centric and I could relate. Who else would understand “ how could you live in the Eastern suburbs and follow St George?”. No more Les Norton for me.

My next big trip is to Papua New Guinea. All booked and paid. I guess it would be appropriate to source some PNG authors too. Any suggestions please?

14 thoughts on “Around The World Reading Challenge

  1. A novel idea for reading novels! I think my husband would love this list and if he does it I will end up reading the same books. We have our own “book club” of sorts. I have trouble because he will read 5 books at a time and I read just one and we can’t discuss it until he finishes! (first world problem for certain).


  2. wiseassvegan

    Great Idea- totally agree that reading locally written books (plus preparing local food of course) can get you immersed in local culture in a fun+ efficient way. Funny I’ve been reading Liane Moriarty lately….hope those dreadful fires end soon and enjoy your trip !


    1. Yes, I agree, cooking, reading, and listening to the music of another culture is a great way to learn and appreciate a different culture. The Moriarty sisters are quite the flavour of the month:) Heatwave with strong winds predicted this weekend with a cyclone forming off the far north west coast looks like more drama ahead unfortunately.


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