Stringybark & Short Stories

Stringybark Publishing is an Australian bespoke publishing house in operation since 2010. No, I am not sleeping with anyone within management, nor do I have any monetary affiliations within the organisation.

To be honest, it was only within the last twelve months and my retirement that I took any interest in short stories which is the area in which Stringybark Publishing specialises. Someone once said “A short story is the ideal place for a first meeting, a bit like making the first date for coffee rather than a meal.”

Stringybark Stories encourages Australian and international writers to create and share stories by running regular short story writing competitions throughout each year with a variety of themes. And no, this is not my area of expertise though my appreciation of tales with a decidedly Australian flavour has certainly been fuelled by my recent visits to country townships and a better understanding and appreciation of our unique history. See here for further details:

Up until the end of February Stringybark Stories have on offer a choice of two Summer Reading Bushfire Packs containing six different anthologies of short stories written as part of past writing competitions. These cost $29.95 each and include postage within Australia.

ALL PROFITS from these sales will be donated in equal amounts to WIRES Wildlife Information and Rescue Service to assist with the immediate needs of Australian wildlife and Bush Heritage Australia ( ) to help protect biodiversity into the future.

I’m not a rampant consumer ( unless the product involves Errol Flynn) and I don’t participate in online shopping ( unless the product involves Errol Flynn). But, WOW!

* Bushfire Update: As a nation we do adversity really well. We rally, support and assist each other. We thrive in times of major dramas. It’s what we do best. We also proportion blame, bitch like six year old girls in the school yard, and carry on like chooks with our heads cut off. Move on kiddies. Pull up those Big Girl Panties and keep moving forward regardless of your politics. “ It will be okay in the end, otherwise it’s not the end.”

** New Participants in competitions most welcome.

And if you have an interest in writing competitions, WOW again.

3 thoughts on “Stringybark & Short Stories

  1. G’day Brizzy,
    Thank you for such a lovely post. I am most grateful for your mentioning of the Bushfire Packs. To date we have sold over 30 (that’s some 180+ books) and ALL the profits are going to help protect our wildlife with donations to Bush Heritage and WIRES. Things are tough down here (I’m in NSW just North of Canberra). Our dams are dry. We are having to use our scarce drinking water to help the wildlife. We’ve put out water dishes for the birds, reptiles (even the snakes!) and mammals. But compared to our friends down in Cobargo who had to shoot their stock and their two horses after the Cobargo fire swept through their property at 3am, we’re laughing! Luckily they saved their house but said it was the most frightening thing they have ever done and next time they will leave.

    We are looking at running three short story competitions this year but we haven’t quite decided on the themes. I’m inclined to run a humour one as we could all do with a good laugh with such a grim start to the year.

    All the very best with your writing,

    Stringybark Publishing

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