This is the date that I was able to decontaminate and defluff the house after three weeks with the Grandfurbaby. Bentley, a gorgeous Labrador who suffers sorely from Only Child Syndrome and is profoundly deaf, has now travelled north to the land of crocs, dingoes and jabiru. That will test him…….and them.

My hostess skills were pretty minimal over these past few weeks. Cheese and charcuterie boards were the order of the day though I did throw fresh Tiger prawns on the barbie. Lots of garlic and a dousing of white wine – a damn fine effort, girlfriend.

So now I’m focussing more on where my year is heading, other than knitting sox from dog hair.

In the latter part of last year one of our cinema chains focussed on movies from Hollywoods Golden Era at selected locations across the country. This is being repeated commencing from February with sessions running first thing on a Monday morning. Yeah, first thing Monday is a bit hard to grasp, but I settled into it and found it a good way to start a new week. Do retirees even start a new week? 

Movies scheduled include Night Of The Hunter, Mr Smith Goes To Washington, On The Town and Casablanca. On the big screen people. And the more sessions you buy the cheaper the ticket price. 

Last Classic movie I experienced in this fashion there were only three of us in the cinema. This is not a good crowd if you’re after anonymity when you sob.

My Mondays are pencilled in : breakfast, coffee and an old flick.

Let’s take a look at Tuesdays…..

( Refer Event Cinemas)

6 thoughts on “#mynewyearstartedon13/01

  1. We’ve discovered the Wednesday morning matinee – only $5 a ticket and first run movies in an uncrowded cinema! There used to be a movie theater (the dollar cinema) that ran old movies but they finally folded mostly due to location… I can understand the clean-up! Our dog has been gone for 3 years and I’m still finding dog hair. Found some in the Christmas decorations along with some old pine needles – haven’t had a real tree in over 20 years! Happy New Year!


    1. There’s a lovely old cinema three hours away that gets bus loads of visitors as they still have an organist that plays the music.
      I’m one for keeping the all the windows open to enjoy the fresh air and cooling breeze. Not fun though when dog hair hits you in the face when you are going about your business.
      Have a beaut day:)


  2. That barbie tucker sounds my sort of fare, yummy. The Star casino on the GC used to run vintage movies for free, but not any more, maybe lack of interest. You’ve made a great start to 2020…


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