Radio Plays : Then & Now

The Argonauts Club was an Australian children’s radio program, first broadcast in 1933 on ABC Radio Melbourne. It became one of the ABC’s most popular programs, running six days a week for 28 years until October 1969, when it was broadcast only on Sundays and was finally discontinued in 1972.

When I was very young, and before my fascination with Daniel Boone, Jungle Jim, and Jim Bowie on the tele I was an Argonaut. It’s what we did in the early sixties. My allegiance switched to the Mickey Mouse Club.

Last year one of the local community theatre groups held an evening of radio plays at the local museum. Originally written by Steele Rudd, the pseudonym of Arthur Hoey Davis (14 November 1868 – 11 October 1935) an Australian author, was best known for his novel On Our Selection.

Staged as a broadcast from a radio studio with one stand-up microphone, actors with scripts in hand and the indispensible sound effects, the four episodes followed the process of Dad’s  deciding to shift from the horse and buggy into a new-fangled piece of machinery, with everyone offering help or an opinion.

It was a fun night with the presentation by The Forgetting of Wisdom, a collective of semi-retired professional actors who made it entertaining as well as educational. Afterall, Dad and Dave were well before my time!

There will be another Radioplay at the Gold Coast Little Theatre on February 26th.

Based on the story by Dashiell Hammett, and the 1936 movie starring William Powell and Myrna Loy, The Thin Man centres on Nick and Nora Charles, a rich and glamorous couple who solve homicides in between cocktails.

If you’re looking for something to do these are good fun.

Retirement : it’s tough:)

9 thoughts on “Radio Plays : Then & Now

  1. Ah, such wonderful nostalgia. I too was an Argonaut and I had a small silver badge of the Argo in full sail (I think I won it) which was so precious to me that it was kept hidden in a special box. Now, sadly, whereabouts unknown.


  2. The Thin Man is a movie that used to be on during the Saturday Matinee on TV when I was a kid. I loved all those old movies… Retirement is tough! I’m so booked I don’t know when I’m going to get some down time!! Friday night is the Scholastic Art Show featuring all the area HS art winners in several categories. I’m always interested in what ceramic pieces win…


    1. Yes, I loved all the old movies too. Still do:) Yes, I’m busy too but find that the body tells me when I need down time. There are always books all over the house, my music, and a jigsaw or project on the go. Sometimes, it is even a pleasure to stay home to mop floors. How sad is this? Enjoy the Art Show. I’m off to community a dinner / theatre with a girlfriend this weekend. Local fundraiser. Don’t comprehend these people who say they are bored…..


  3. Jen, before the Dad and Dave bit there was a chap reciting The Sentimental Bloke. Now, I know we’ve all heard of C J Dennis before, but I was totally unfamiliar with the poetry, and you know what? I couldn’t understand the language at all!
    I love not working, but never fear: I paid my dues in blood.


  4. In 1969 I played with my GI Joe’s and action figures with King Fu grips, and put baseball cards in my bike spokes so I sounded like a motorcycle. Baseball cards today that could fund a 4 year college education.


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