The Daughter, Books and Jaipur.

I’m looking forward to having my youngest daughter home for a few days following her five month work stint in India.

Means I have to stock up on bubble bath, cab sav, and errrr……blue vein cheese ( which I detest and refuse to keep in the food fridge in case it contaminates anything). And yes, with a good book in hand she will require all of the above for recuperative purposes and all at the same time!

Cat Balou attended the Jaipur Literature Festival last month. The JLF is the largest free literary festival in the world which takes place in Jaipur, India, with the Diggi Palace Hotel and surrounding gardens serving as the main venue of the festival. I’m so looking forward to hearing about her adventures. I know she’s posted a box of books to her home address.

She tells me she also splurged on a scarf made from the same material as one of the tents at the festival. Now thats clever marketing.

Works as a scarf too

I’ve been boringly good and not spent a penny on books this year. I’m thinking of talking to my local councillor about adding one of these up next to the Little Community Library. What do you think?

Ooooops, sorry. I lied. I did buy some books.

15 thoughts on “The Daughter, Books and Jaipur.

    1. If her contract was extended both my other daughter and I were going to visit her in India. Doesn’t matter as we are holidaying together in August in Darwin and East Arnham Land.
      Roquefort is a popular type of blue vein cheese. They tend to have veins of blue or black mold and STINK. ( I would suggest like upchuck.) Both the kids love the stuff. I can’t handle the smell, nor the smell of…Yukkkkk…peanut butter. Makes me nauseous.

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    1. Morning young Mark. Yes, she went to Agra for Xmas and no to the Himalayas. She made sure she spent every third weekend away from New Delhi so experienced heaps, even spending a week in Sri Lanka. I will learn more when she arrives back. We tend to sit in front of maps and a plonk and natter, natter, natter. My fault. I bought each of my kids a world globe once they hit school age and had a shower curtain of the world. You reap what you sow.
      Have a beaut day, petal:)

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  1. How exciting to have the daughter back home with all her stories about India. I was there in 1985 and loved the place, so many memories to now sit in my rocking chair (actually lazyboy!!!) and dream about…

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  2. So exciting that she is coming for a visit!! Seems the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree – with a love of books and travel! Can’t wait to hear about her adventures. (I’m hoping you can share!)


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