Dorothea Mackeller Got It Right.

In good news the Currowan Fire burning in the Shoalhaven for 74 days was set to “out” by the NSW Rural Fire Service on Saturday. In Qld’s South East corner, and much of the eastern coastline, I came out of the theatre to wade through foot high rain water surging across the lawn. Not an elegant exit and I expect that I’ll be up for a new pair of shoes. *

I love a sunburnt country, 

A land of sweeping plains, 

Of ragged mountain ranges, 

Of droughts and flooding rains. 

I love her far horizons, 

I love her jewel-sea, 

Her beauty and her terror 

The wide brown land for me! 

Dot Mackeller certainly nailed it, didn’t she ?

Perfect weather for the flicks so saw the 2019 remake of Midway. Quite enjoyable except that I kept looking for Robert Mitchum as General Halsey confined to his hospital bed with shingles. The visuals literally had me on the edge of my seat though the aerial attacks on the Japanese ships in the last battle were way too Star Warsey.

Being stuck indoors made for crafty activities. Easter treats prepared for the kiddies who use the Little Community Library- forward planning is a positive, right? – and pots painted and planted as fund raisers.

Regardless of weather the house requires a major tidy. Child home midweek and she is a neat freak. Hope she remembers how to cope when I hand her a golf club and send her out into the garden to do battle with the cane toads that abound in this big wet………..

* Thoughts with the daughter and a girlfriend on cyclone watch.

9 thoughts on “Dorothea Mackeller Got It Right.

    1. My girlfriend in Southport told me over the weekend that the Cane Toads aren’t that far south either. Bizarre …..what, are we 50 klms away ? Also, when my girls were little the local council used to hold dedicated Toad nights when people would go out and catch them for a small bounty. It’s so odd you don’t suffer them………….
      Yes, the poem says it all. The poet lived an interesting life, Pauline.
      Drying up here – but for how long?

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    1. They are awful things. We imported them 60 or 70 years ago to eradicate the Cane Beetle, which they achieved, but their numbers went through the roof. As said previously, their poisonous gland killed a lot of native birds and mammals and even family pets. A wildlife officer assures me that nature adapts and so the birds are becoming more resistant to the Toads.
      Hate them!


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