My Weekend In Brisbane : Fort Lytton.

I’ve lived in Brisbane for nearly thirty years and never visited despite it being less than thirty minutes from home.

Built in 1880-1882 in response to a fear that a foreign colonial power such as Russia or France might launch a naval attack on Brisbane or its port, Fort Lytton is located at the mouth of the Brisbane River.

It was designed to deny enemy vessels access to the river and achieved this by a remote-controlled minefield across the mouth of the river, and four muzzle-loading heavy guns, later changed to breech feeding. The minefield was closed in 1908, but the guns continued in operation until 1938.

I’m told the fort is a typical nineteenth century garrison – a pentagonal fortress concealed behind grassy embankments – surrounded for greater protection by a water-filled moat.

Fort Lytton was a major training base for soldiers across the Boer War, WW1 and WW2.

My introduction to this fascinating slice of Brisbane’s military history was a recent evening performance at the Fort, “ A Lost Story From The Great War”.

This follows the true story of Brisbane born Raymond Stanley, a decorated war hero, who spent time at Fort Lytton before being shipped to Gallipoli, and later, to the Western Front.

Armed with lanterns for light and sound the audience participates in a guided tour throughout the historic fortifications, littered with theatrical re-enactments. Light and sound effects, with photos projected onto the walls of the fort, take you back to the Great War.

Courtesy Event Flyer

Interestingly Stanley dabbled in photography and many of his photographs are used during the theatre promenade experience adding to its authenticity.

I’m looking forward to returning in daylight and walking through the rest of the site and the Museum. I’m told kids love the Open Days when the cannons are fired.

One minor issue. Brissie is subtropical and after weeks which have been a mix of heat, humidity and rain the mosquitoes are rampant. So is my garden.

Up Next : My Saturday Night At Dutton Park Cemetery, Brisbane’s Oldest Boneyard. Yep, it’s been a bizarre weekend……..

22 thoughts on “My Weekend In Brisbane : Fort Lytton.

  1. A lovely garden but do you ever find any creatures slithering around? I was just reading about a couple in Australia finding a snake wrapped up in the coils of their toaster. I was wondering if this is fake news.

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    1. Cupcake, that would not be fake. Things that slither are quite common. I have become skilled with the garden hoe. Touch wood, no slithery things this year, though at my old house they discovered 11 pythons living in the ceiling when it was knocked down for redevelopment. It is common for larger slithery things to devour pet dogs and cats. Thus my relationship with the garden hoe.

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  2. What a fascinating evening. Never heard of this fort an interesting slice of Brissia history. Hope you had the mossie repellent with you. What a lovely tropical looking and inviting area your back deck is


  3. If I had pythons in my house, by George, I’d be G.O.N.E!!!
    I too loathe mosquitoes. The reason I never wear shorts the like.
    Gardening for me is an endless challenge.
    I did get out today (long sleeves and pants) to dig invasive spurge, then planted a few iris from the old bed where the buxus now reside. 58F and windy!

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      1. I’ve heard in Brissie you either have a snake or a possum living in your roof. We’ve certainly had possums in our roof and hope they’ve not been replaced by a snake.

        I’ve lived in Brissie for over 30 years & I’ve never been to Fort Lytton either. I must start being a tourist in my own town a little more.

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  4. I’d be joining you on the table if a spider was in the vicinity! I am terrified of the 8-leggers! Snakes don’t bother me as much but we have very few venomous ones in my part of the USA. Supposedly there are copperheads but I’ve never seen one or known anyone who has. I hear you have lots of snakes and many are venomous…
    I love history and these visits are interesting!

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  5. Sometimes we can be so keen to explore the rest of the world we can overlook the places and history that is just around the corner. Interesting bit of history. A great idea to bring history alive with a theatrical re-enactment.

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