The Tin Man, Cujo and Sue Grafton.

I’ve just finished The Wizard Of Oz jigsaw that I actually bought to gift to my youngest and I’m preparing to hang it in the She-Shack. Cat Balou hates this movie, as in DETESTS. Which is why over the years I have sent socks and stationary and anything else remotely TWOO to her through the post. It’s called Mother’s Payback.

When she was visiting recently she saw me working on it and despite now being in her thirties she insisted on covering the Tin Man’s face with a cloth. Six months living and eating in China, six months living and eating in India, and she can’t manage the Tin Man. Odd.

My nephew nearing 40 hasn’t forgiven me for putting him in front of the movie, Cujo, before he was school age. A nice little movie about a dog. What kid doesn’t like dogs?

These young things are a bit of a worry. Need a little more concrete in their diet.

So I’ve started a Sue Grafton puzzle whereby you also have to solve the crime. I always liked reading about the exploits of PI Kinsey Millhone, but not so any more. This is a tough one with no illustration for guidance.

Visited the Little Library today and was rather taken by the newly donated book with the yellow cover. Didn’t look between the covers just in case.

Oh, and a book review.

Somebody That I Used To Know by Bunkie King.

I’ve only ever thrown one book into the bin – a tasteless biography that detailed having to break the bones of a dead Mario Lanza to fit him into his coffin.

This was my second.

It is just so wrong. So wrong on so many levels.

Bunkie King is the sister of Leona King and together they shared a relationship with Australian actor, Jack Thompson for 15 years. “Nothing kinky” as they never all shared a bed.

This raised too many questions that I just didn’t need to ponder. Oh, and although she denies being a druggie having hash oil on toast for breakfast kind of says something, doesn’t it?

I’m sorry she suffered a failed marriage and a breakdown. If this was her idea of superannuation she failed that too.

3 thoughts on “The Tin Man, Cujo and Sue Grafton.

  1. A delightfully mixed bag of goodies. I’ve read all of Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone books but didn’t know there was a jigsaw puzzle!

    P.S. I felt sad (and cheated) when Grafton passed away without writing the final Z book.


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