Lockdown and Millennials

A lovely article in the weekend newspaper  by journalist Lucy Carne. A millennial, she says she’s done all the right things and has stocked up on both toilet paper and flour. Except she doesn’t know what to do with flour as she’s only ever cooked pancakes out of those plastic shaker bottles. She’s also quite concerned about starving once UberEats stops delivering. 

I laughed until I nearly wet myself.

I came home after a few days away and needed to clean the fridge out of leftovers and scraps before shopping for the coming week.

Weary, stressed and with a head full of exciting stuff (which I will share soon) dinner was done in thirty minutes.  It would have been twenty but I opened a bottle of wine first.

From this:

Slimey salad leftovers
Secret ingredient. No-one knows what it is as it’s all in Chinese. It was a gift.
Wonton Soup.

No need for concern this end. I’ve just done an inventory of the bar fridge and we’re okay for three months.

May Gibbs did this for the Spanish Flu in 1918

21 thoughts on “Lockdown and Millennials

  1. The world is changing… but I had to chuckle at May Gibbs drawing. And they got over it then, eventually. Dinner looks yummy. Looking forward to when you share your exciting stuff.


  2. Great that you’ve got your priorities sorted. Perhaps I should forget about the toilet paper and just restock the wine rack instead. My Millennial loves to cook and she makes pancakes (and other things) from scratch. Love the May Gibbs drawing.


  3. Hehe! I have 2 sons – one cooks the other not so much. They are now starting to cook more. They wanted to borrow some oatmeal because they were going to bake cookies. At least they have their priorities straight! Cookies make everything better…

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  4. I’m a big fan of having a glass of wine while cooking. It makes everything taste better. I’m a bit skeptical that you could throw that gorgeous soup together in thirty minutes. You’re my new hero.


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