Up Lit and Movie Musicals

One of the fastest growing genre of books is Up Lit, or Uplifting Literature, which can help to elevate your mood. The cause of its current popularity is not rocket science.

It has been said that the trend started in response to the current climate leading for a desire to read about “everyday heroism, human connection, and love.” 

Generally Up Lit books “track quirky, offbeat protagonists on their journeys to creating a fulfilling web of relationships.” The books keep any possibility of saccharine sentimentality in check by also offering up healthy doses of melancholy.

So although there may well be tears and disappointments by the final pages of books of this genre “you’ll be left with an appreciation of the good in the world, and the wonderful people in it.”

Think A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman and Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman, two really good reads (although with the former there was a period where I considered cutting my wrists during the first few chapters. Thank God I was not listening to Leonard Cohen at the time.)

Here’s a list from Goodreads of the most popular Up Lit titles:

www.goodreads.com › shelf › show › uplit

My attention span is that of a gnat lately. Minimal focus. My study program has been pushed aside, so I’m giving Up Lit a go.

Ditto my movie watching habits. You know, I nodded off in the chair during Casablanca last week, did not shed a single tear when Heath Ledger died by the sword in The Patriot, and cannot even contemplate a swashbuckler at the moment. These are bad days…..

You know what’s soothing the beating heart?

Movie Musicals from the 1940’s and 50’s. Bizarre, I know. I guess there is a correlation as these were popular in Hollywood during the Depression and after World War 2. They were light, colourful and importantly for some of us – ME – you could leave the brain at the front door.

I’m finding myself singing some of the songs when I get up first thing in the morning. Today it was “ Take Me Out To The Ball Game”. Sure beats listening to the news.

13 thoughts on “Up Lit and Movie Musicals

  1. Love the idea of Up Lit and will be checking out that list. We had our first family movie night in a long time (not really a thing…yet…in our house) The new Jumanji 2017 was good fun


    1. Whilst my daughters were under my roof we always made Friday our movie nights together. We’d come together after busy weeks of school/ work/casual jobs/uni and have cheese platters and charcuterie boards ( and chocolate) and then go our separate ways to do our own things. Yes, I love Jumanji with the Rock. Was never a Robin Williams fan.

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  2. With plenty of time to fill a good book fits the bill. But knowing there’s no rush to fit things in I find myself being very disorganised flitting from one thing to another and finishing nothing, most frustrating.

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    1. I’m not just flitting- I’m scatterbrained! The house has never been so clean which creates problems because it seems that you have to work harder at keeping that way. A wise old woman once told me that nobody ever wrote “she kept a clean house” on a tombstone. I’ve lived by that…….

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      1. Ha ha May, it is good though to look around at a job well done. I’ve not got to the window cleaning, floor washing stage yet, but I did bake a banana and date loaf yesterday, first baking for over a year….🙄


  3. We are making time to read daily – we have an overflowing bookcase with titles we haven’t opened… My husband went for James Joyce (talk about depressing stories) but I’m going with some fantasy stuff (Anne McCaffrey). We are watching Netflix together – The Witcher series. If I let him he’d watch it in one sitting but I can only take an episode every other day – lots of fighting!


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