Wombats are short legged, muscular marsupials that look like little bears. Marsupials native to Australia they live in burrows. They spend daylight hours underground in their burrows and emerge in the night to forage for grasses, herbs, seeds, roots and bark. They have a very slow metabolism and it takes about 14 days to complete digestion. This aids wombats’ survival in arid landscapes. Interestingly – well, to me – wombat droppings are square in shape. How that works is beyond me but fascinating……( Keep that one in mind for your next trivia night!)

Wombats have been well represented over the years in Australian Children’s Literature, with the most popular including:

The Muddleheaded Wombat   –  Ruth Park

Wombat Stew  –  Marcia K Vaughan

One Woolly Wombat   –  Kerrie Argent

Diary Of A Wombat  –  Jackie French

Sebastian Lives In A Hat  – Thelma Catterwell

Wombat Goes Walkabout  – Michael Morpurgo

Did you know that we even have an annual Wombat Day ? The official day in set in Australia for October 22, but since the first celebration of the day in 2005, the rest of the world has seen fit to jump on board. As such, October 23 is World Wombat Day.  Add that to your diary now!

In Australia to be called a wombat is almost a term of endearment. A wombat often refers to an overweight, lazy, or slow idiot. He’s probably your best friend and eating Doritos on the couch right now. Or more bluntly, a Waste Of Money, Brains And Time.

Why are we even talking about Wombats today? Because I’m adding a Wombat experience to my Bucket List.

The Wombat Awareness Organisation in South Australia is the only free range, cage free wombat sanctuary in the World. It is also the only place where you can see two out of the three species of wombats living harmoniously together.

I’ve just scrubbed Disney’s Magic Kingdom off the list. I want to sit on a sofa with a wombat instead. See http://www.wombatawareness.com.

15 thoughts on “Wombats

  1. The wombat sounds too delightful! I’ve been to Disney and it is a magical place (much better than Universal Studios) – but I’ve never had a wombat encounter… I’m thinking I want to add that to the “things to do when we go places”!


      1. I’m traveling to see my sister next week, can’t wait!! Love all those wombat books, do you follow Jackie French, I believe her home is a wombat sanctuary!


  2. Jenny Day

    I’ve just been talking to Peter Marinacci one of the founding members of World wombat Day! https://www.wombania.com/wombat-day.htm
    I checked with him today as you are one of the places which has the wrong date for the rest of the world for Wombat Day. The only date for Wombat Day – right across the world is 22nd October and 2020 is the 16th celebration as such.
    Peter Marinacci said: ““Strange. I don’t know where they got the 23rd from.
    I was with the group that created Wombat Day, and it has always been the 22nd.
    Hmmm…someone is getting their facts wrong!
    As the official spokesperson for Wombat Day, it is on October 22! Though the time difference does make our celebration in North America happen on your October 23”
    So if you really push it, it’s got to the 23rd in Australia while the other side of the world’s still celebrating it on the 22nd & not the other way around.
    Kind Regards,
    Jenny – Avid Wombat lover, Kalbarri, WA


  3. I’m glad that you made a wombat post, and that you mentioned Wombat Day, but as one of the people who created the holiday back in 2005, I would just like to state that the correct date was, is, and always will be October 22, not October 23 as erroneously reported in a few places. People who celebrate in North America may be celebrating on the 23 from Australia’s perspective simply because of the time difference, but Wombat Day is always on October 22. It is even marked on some Australian calendars now.


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  5. Michael Morpurgo is one of the UK’s foremost kids’ authors, but I’ve never come across his ideas on a wombat walkabout. I must see if I can track it down. .
    I love the explanation of WOMBAT as an acronym (Waste Of Money, Brains And Time)…I think I know him personally!
    Here’s wishing you a very happy Wombat Day


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