The Australian Silo Art Trail

Our State Government has spent millions of dollars promoting Queensland in an effort to jump start tourism with the recent relaxation of Covid 19 restrictions. Now I know I’m being judgemental ( Sorry LA, Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of Fifty), but MORONIC: point me to a Queenslander who doesn’t know the location of the Great Barrier Reef.

The Northern Territory Government had the right idea in handing out tourist dollars to the first 200,000 Territory travellers, bypassing the Marketing gurus completely and putting the dollars directly into the hands of those who would share it amongst small business. Love your work…..

However, good breeding dictates that one must not discuss politics before supper and/or a bottle of vino.

Some five years ago a movement began in Western Australia to beautify the landscape and encourage tourists to rural communities by using silos for murals.

Yep, painting murals on silos depicting regional history and points of interest.

This has since grown to become The Australian Silo Art Trail and continues to flourish and attract thousands to regional centres. There are currently 36 painted silos which can be covered in six Silo Art Trail road trips in five states, as well as artworks on 40 water towers.

Thallon, Qld

I’ve just purchased the Silo Art Calendar for 2021 – because I’m optimistic that we will get through this wretched year – and am amazed by some of the stories reflected in the artwork.

If you are interested in learning more go here:

So ready to pack my bags. My feet are growing mouldy.


For best results when traveling throw out the bloody GPS.

 “ Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a Storyteller.”      – Ibn Battuta

8 thoughts on “The Australian Silo Art Trail

    1. I tend to argue with them constantly. “ Take the onramp”. What the hell is an onramp?
      True story: some Japanese tourists here were depending on their GPS to direct them to North Stradbroke Island. They weren’t told to stop and catch the ferry across the bay to the island. They kept driving across mudflats at low tide and got bogged which was a panic with the tide coming in.

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  1. I saw some crackers on my trip across from Melbourne to Perth last year. I thought I would like the Leafy Sea Dragon in Albany more, but it was a little too bold for my taste (although I do love the creatures in real life). Silo art is a treasure for small country towns and a joy to encounter for the traveller. I think I may just get that calendar too 🙂


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