Next Project and Victory Gardens.

I’m very much an accidental gardener with a tendency to kill all indoor plants which explains my preference for native shrubs and trees : you simply ignore them and they attract bees and birds.

My vegetable garden provided much pleasure over recent months providing both occupation and produce. I claim that my unexpected weight loss over Isolation – despite way, way too much comfort food – was because of the produce straight from the “paddock”. It was satisfying to swap produce with friends as well: some tomatoes for Anzac Biscuits, chillies for home made tomato sauce.

So I’ve been encouraged and have recently planted a variety of Brassicas for winter. My thoughts have even turned to reforming my minuscule front yard into a garden plot for citrus trees and a variety of herbs.

Which has led me to reading about Victory Gardens :

From wikipeadia

During 1942 food shortages had an impact on the Australian home front with massive labour shortages, a severe prolonged drought, and major shortfalls in imports of seed stock and fertiliser. 

In January 1942 the Prime Minister, John Curtin, launched “Dig for Victory”, a publicity campaign urging householders to grow their own vegetables as a contribution to the war effort. 

Many Australians were already keen home vegetable gardeners, being self-sufficient, with fruit and vegetables and a “chook shed” down the back. Others took to the idea afresh and turned over their whole front and back gardens to vegetable production, often selling excess produce to raise funds for the front. Some people formed neighbourhood gardening groups as a means of feeding their families. Others formed gardening collectives, specifically to raise funds for the war effort. 

I grew up on a quarter acre block with vege gardens, fruit trees and the chook shed way down the back ( with the cubby house,  cowboy tent and rope swing).

A girl always needs a project so I think this is next on the list – incorporating a sleep box for the ducks, of course.

9 thoughts on “Next Project and Victory Gardens.

  1. We are gardening in 3 raised beds – I’m happy that the peas and beans are done. I was getting tired of green beans. We are poised to have tomatoes coming out our ears. I predict stewed tomatoes with summer squash will be on the menu soon!

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  2. i used to be a green thumb. Not because I could grow plants, but because of all the times banged it screaming at the plants to grow. I once bought a plastic fern for the living room. It died in the car on the way home. But now, thanks to Cupcake, I can actually stay calm when I kill the plants,

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    1. My last house had a swimming pool. Three issues with swimming pools :
      1) ducklings aren’t big or strong enough to climb out of a pool by themselves. You have to use a net.
      2) ducks make super protective parents and swoop at you when you are trying to save their babies from drowning in the pools filter box.
      3) ducks release their bowels whenever they are stressed.

      Duck a la Orange is the best way to enjoy them:)


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