Books & Happy Ever Afters

I’ve ripped through heaps of books during Isolation but to be honest remember the details of very few of them. It’s like “in one ear and out the other”. Covid Brain, and I’m sure this is a “thing” and will soon be entered into the Dictionary, had my kindle on overtime downloading reading material from the Library. Mostly mystery and crime novels which is bizarre as this is not my usual genre. I don’t even watch any crime shows on the telly.

I’m putting my interest in these books down to an attachment or soft spot for the protagonists, such as Lee Child’s Jack Reacher and Robert Galbraith’s Cormoran Strike.

Both Reacher and Strike are similar characters: ex-military, built like a brick outhouse, loners, easily able to charm a bird into bed, and with a highly developed sense of right and wrong.

Unfortunately Jack and I are parting company after the 2019 released Blue Moon which had the lad go vigilante knocking off warring crime gangs. Time to retire ol’ Jack; way too much indiscriminate killing. Go and get yourself a Rescue dog, my friend.

Author Sue Grafton died before finishing her Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Series. A female private investigator we’ll now never find out if Kinsey ever settled down with the one fella or even managed a decent haircut. Such a shame.

I’m currently fixated on John Puller, a creation of David Baldacci’s imagination. Another character with a military background this fella’s companion is AWOL the cat.

It must be the romantic in me : I’m waiting for the Happy Ever After endings.

Do you have an interest in the outcome of any particular character in a series? Alex Cross?

Talking Happy here’s the contents of my Mystery Box from the book sale fundraiser on the weekend. $20. Happy as!

4 thoughts on “Books & Happy Ever Afters

  1. Kevin Adams

    Cormoran Strike has been very well done on TV here, though I haven’t read any, so I don’t know how much they’ve messed with it. I suspect Ms Rowling kept a firm hand on it, as is her wont.


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