Have You Ever Resorted To A Mud Map ?

Cause for celebration! The pile of books by my bedside is finally diminishing. 

However, I have just hit a hurdle : 

Hilary Mantel’s final historical fiction novel in the trilogy about Cromwell during the Tudor years is testing the Covid Brain.  As in testing Big Time. The Mirror And The Light isn’t so much a difficult read, although at almost 900 pages it would make a decent doorstop, I’m just not keeping up with the cast of characters. You know, who is married to whom, who killed whom, who slept with whom. It’s a puzzle, I tell you.

The front of the book includes a six page Character Reference Guide. I repeat : 6 pages of characters. At the best of times this would be challenging, during a pandemic when it can be a crisis to decide whether or not to get out of ones pjs it is just not on.

So before I go any further with this book I’m going to do something which I admit has proved helpful in previous reads jam-packed with historical data. Yep, I’m pulling out the coloured pens and creating a mud map. This should keep me on track with both timelines and the characters.

If nothing else a little colour in between all those pages filled with black and white and people being decapitated might be uplifting.

Have you ever had to create a mud map to work through a book ?

( Be kind: This is NOT Alzheimers – just practical.)

12 thoughts on “Have You Ever Resorted To A Mud Map ?

  1. I have not. But Sparky keeps notes and makes diagrams when he reads even the most basic book. I thought his head was going to explode when he read Anna Karenina – he had a notebook and then post it notes scattered in the book…

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