Food and Music Save The Day.

The times they are a changin’. – Sir Bobness

Music from the 70’s has been my companion this week. When I downsized I tossed the Wedgewood and retained my vinyl collection. When I divorced I tossed the bloke and retained the music. Best decisions I made in years.

The music has kept me sane after having had our Prime Minister declare that there would be no overseas travel until 2024 – by which time, I wailed, that I would be dead- and the Northern Territory will keep its borders closed for eighteen months ( to provide biosecurity for the Indigenous population). I have no issues with being realistic but holy guacamole, a little hope goes a long way.

So lots of Donovan, Carpenters, Carly and Sir Bobness. In a different lifetime Sir Bobness ruled my house. I remember seeing him perform at the Sydney Opera House, one of those dreadful concerts for which he is renowned. I was decked out in smart work clobber, he and the rest of the audience wore cheese cloth. Some months later, having learned my lesson, I wore cheesecloth and little else to the Opera House to enjoy an evening with Donovan. He performed in a three piece suit.

So of course I’ve been cooking 70s style to go with the music. No fondues because I use that these days as a peg basket, though meatloaf stuffed with hardboiled eggs and plenty of stuffed cauliflower. My daughters don’t know whether to be appalled, impressed or alarmed.

No recipe books required – it’s all there in the wings which is a bit of a worry.

Next week we’ll move on to the 80’s. You’ll be pleased to learn I skipped the 90’s.

12 thoughts on “Food and Music Save The Day.

  1. wow…2024, strict lockdown…you will need more cauliflower, music, and a few boots or something to throw around…lots of books and maybe try some music from the 90’s or try your hand at writing a book.


  2. I’ll call you mellow yellow (that’s right)… I remember the meatloaf with the hard boiled eggs – it made a very pretty presentation which was one of the better parts of it. We had lots of chop suey in the 70s. Anyway the misic from the 1960s and early 70s was much better than the disco craze that hit in the late 70s… I guess I’m not going to get to do my Australian/NZ tour until after 2024 😦

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    1. I named my eldest daughter after a Donovan song: Josie. NZ had no virus cases for 102 days yet have just come down with another cluster. It’s so frustrating. Some of those old musos are still really good entertainers ; they don’t seem to lose the rythmm.
      Enjoyed your weekend, Muri:)


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