Travel During The Time Of Pandemic

Crawling out of a funk after another planned trip cancelled due to Covid. Here in Queensland we are living in a bubble, the positive being only 6 plague related deaths over the the last seven months. The negatives are multiple and soul destroying though we continue to move forward, even though we are really going backwards.

Qld Tourism has been spending big bikkies to encourage us to travel around our home State. It’s a big State with an area of 1,727,000 square kilometres, making it nearly five times the size of Japan, seven times the size of Great Britain, and two and a half times the size of Texas.

Most of the population live along the coast and nearly 902,000 square kilometres is considered “Outback”.

Anyway, advertising is obviously working as accomodation is at a premium as are the numbers of Grey Nomads ( retirees driving around in mobile homes and caravans). Good luck to them : they bring a lot of money to townships that would otherwise be doing it tough. But good luck trying to book a motel along the coast……

I pulled this beaut little guide to Queensland from the weekend newspaper and highly recommend it.

What makes this brochure different to other guides available encouraging travel around the State?

As well as separating the regions and the Must Do’s to visit, it provides
the title of a book to read which is based on that region, as well as a piece of music for the play list.

These are the reading and recommendations if visiting the Mackay area :

I figure that despite our current circumstances there are still opportunities to spend the kids’ inheritance.

Queenslanders, and pseudo Queenslanders, get your copy now.

10 thoughts on “Travel During The Time Of Pandemic

    1. I’ve enjoyed my time at home and have loved time in the garden but over it now, just so over it. Heading to Stanthorpe for a few days. Booked previously and had to cancel as the LOML had a Covid scare. Have had troubles rebooking because of numbers. Should be a nice break – this is another community who have done it tough with fires and drought.

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