Sympathy Pains

My eldest daughter, Pocahontas, is 2400 kms away, living in a remote part of the Northern Territory. She is 39 weeks pregnant with her first child. Positive and confident she has Essential Oils and a music play list that heavily features Frank Sinatra packed to take to hospital.

I feel sick as. Regular tummy pains are forcing me to bed for short stretches and I’m having lots of little naps. When I’m up and about I’m firing on all cylinders, busy rearranging the furniture and cleaning out cupboards. Last week I sugar soaped the bathroom, this week I cooked Aubergine Chips.

I think I’m suffering Sympathy Pains or a phenomenon medically termed as couvade syndrome whereby you feel as if you are feeling the same pains as a loved one.

Even my ankles have swollen which really distresses me because my ankles have always been damn fine. I have the ankle jewellery to prove it.

Just as well I bought a box of books to sit this one out…………..

14 thoughts on “Sympathy Pains

  1. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. I can sympathize with your anxiousness – her first child and so far away! I’m sorry you are having physical symptoms but amused that you are “nesting”! Keep us updated as you wait for the arrival of a Grandchild!!

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    1. Bub arrived last Thursday, ten days later than expected. My daughter flew through the birth; my youngest daughter and I were sick for several days with anxiety.
      Bub’s Dad has four weeks paternity leave and then has a month of army exercises so will be away. Either myself of daughter number 2 will go up then……
      My biggest concern was how the dog – their first child – would take to Bub but apparently he is treating the new arrival as if its his pup.
      Thank you 🐶


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