A Vent. Sorry…………

I downsized prior to my retirement from a 1300 sq metre property with a pool to something less than half that size with less maintenance yet enough room to enjoy a garden. It’s a lovely position which affords me my independence and backs onto a nature reserve with far less work and expense. Isn’t that what retirement is all about?

With COVID my neighbours have been working from home even though in Queensland our borders are now slowly reopening and our infection rate is low. ( 6 deaths. Too many but ?) Half their luck.

Earlier this week the neighbour baled me up whilst in the back garden. When I say baled me up, I couldn’t see him behind the fence because we’re both short but I could most certainly hear him screaming at me.

For the second time of late I was reminded that they are “both gainfully employed whilst I am retired” with the inference that I sit around on my backside and watch The Bold And The Beautiful all day long.

I received a five minute scolding about :
⁃ talking to the wildlife
⁃ just talking in general
⁃ making funny noises whilst working ( sorry, carrying 30 kilos isn’t as easy as it used to be and there may be the odd groan)
⁃ and saying good morning to the garden each day really pisses him off apparently.

Meet Skippy and Swampy

The conversation ended with a “you’ve been warned”. In capital letters.

Firstly, I am retired, not dead.

The reason I retired young was because I worked hard for forty years and lived simply. I earned it in sweat, blood and tears.

I am busy most days which requires no further detail. Let’s just say that I believe retired folk are undervalued. Without their contributions many organisations would not exist, so lets start reframing the language and calling it what it is : pro bono work.

I would spend only an hour a day in the garden, perhaps double that when I mow the lawn.

My noise output is minimal. There is no motorbike in my garage nor do I have teenagers coming in and out at all times of the day and night. No pool, dogs, nor kids. I don’t even have a leaf blower. Old school, I use a broom.

I do have a courtyard that I look forward to using for entertainment purposes during Spring and Summer. Does this mean I should not be entertaining friends during the week, but only on weekends when the neighbours aren’t working? I’m not sure how to navigate these new living arrangements……….

Moving pot plants around is hard yakka

What really irked me was :

  1. You gonna bitch don’t do it hiding behind a fence. Wuss.
  2. Employment status doesn’t make you a better person than the next.
  3. Don’t even start me on Agism
  4. The old bod has worked hard in its day. I can’t physically do what I used to do thirty years ago but I give it a try. This is not Russia. You just can’t shoot me.
  5. My property. My house. Not ladylike but **** Off.

My apologies for the vent.

Tomorrow I will wake up feeling much better and say good morning to the garden as usual. Pity I recently sold the daughter’s drum kit………..

20 thoughts on “A Vent. Sorry…………

  1. I believe that retirement affords you the leisure to take up new hobbies – like the trumpet or maybe the electric guitar. Or if you are not musically inclined, learning how to smoke meats in an outdoor smoker would be loads of fun. Personally a windchime collection would be a nice addition to the delightful garden. Not to worry, the animals become quickly acclimated to the sound and would pay it no mind… I doubt the crabby neighbors would enjoy it but it isn’t their backyard.
    And yes, I am adept at extreme passive-aggressive behavior – hehehe!

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  2. losisthemost

    Hey there … the American chiming in after reading all the comments and replies to those comments. I echo the same: continue with what you’re doing. Mr. Bitter from the Planet of McBitterness can go piss up a rope! Your response of compassion, and kindness will really burn him up. Perhaps he should take a lesson from you. At any rate, that’s my thought, Brizzy Mays Books. Keep shining.


  3. Kevin Adams

    Don’t apologise for ‘venting’. Good to express some of that frustration and anger. Just carry on living your life your way and don’t let ’em grind you down.
    In the UK there are official channels one can go down when faced with unreasonably noisy and disruptive neighbours. The key word being ‘unreasonably’. If he tried that on I suspect he’d be laughed out of court.
    Hey, why not invite him round for drinks… no maybe not.


    1. Thanks Kevin:) My garden has kept me sane during the months of lockdown and even though dishevelled it is full of colour and the wild birds love it. It is just a perfect place to sit with a coffee and meditate putting balance back into your life.
      I hope that you are doing ok. I’ve been watching your numbers over there. Hold tight, matey……


  4. May, that is disgusting behaviour from your neighbour. And “You have been warned”? Is he threatening you? Your house and garden, with its access to the bushland behind it is lovely. Enjoy it. Just keep a note of what he said and when in case he does something rash. Just as well he doesn’t live next to me. I talk to myself, the wildlife, the plants, the dog next door, among other things. And I sing, too. Fortunately nobody has complained.


  5. What a nit picker. He should count his blessings having you next door, after all think of the options. A gang of young thugs, a dog owner who leaves the dog home locked up to bark all day, a constant party giver with large groups and loud music. The list could go on. Try to ignore him and continue to talk to the garden, I’m sure the plants will appreciate it.


  6. Tell him to go piss up a tight rope. Who the hell does he think he is? Good grief. I am sorry you have to have a neighbor like that. Enjoy your retirement and don’t let that neighbor ruin it. Tell the garden good morning and ignore him. Geez. The nerve of some people.


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