Love Your Bookshop Day

Saturday, October 3rd, was Love Your Bookshop Day in Australia.

Covid has presented the perfect opportunity to support bookshops online especially with the advent of free delivery ( if over a certain amount is spent). This has allowed me to purchase books from areas that were affected adversely from bushfires on the south coast of NSW as well as local independent businesses nearby that, in an attempt to remain relevant over recent years, have had to diversify their book sales with a Cafe, book launches, children’s storytelling and craft and book club afternoons.*

I recently treated myself to more books from The Book Grocer, an Australian owned family business with a strong on-line presence. Covid tweaked their creativity and they have designated Bargain Boxes of Books of different genres which can be ordered on-line and delivered to your front door within a few days.

I ordered the Romance Bargain Box – hey, don’t judge me – consisting of 22 books for the price of $100.00 including delivery. Honestly, two or three books may not be my “cup of tea” and these have been gifted to an elderly friend to enjoy. An Aussie Chook Lit novel has been put aside as a Christmas gift for my daughter and the rest I look forward to devouring. 22 books – bargain!

And you know what ? It felt sooo good getting a delivery to my home. ( You can tell my purse is closed tighter than a cats bum, can’t you?)

There’s a new bookstore opening next week in a neighbouring suburb which I’m keen to explore : Gigglefit Grammar. They stock preloved books, vinyl records and DVDs and specialise in packages where books are matched with the movie and with the sound track. Friends, this could be dangerous…..

And I’m thinking the History Bargain Box might be interesting too if only to ward off Dementia.

Folks, Love Your Bookshop……….

Thank you for keeping me sane over recent months:
*The Harbour Bookshop in Ulladulla, NSW
*The Mad Hatters in Manly, Qld
*Little Gnome in Wynnum, Qld

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