Hey Brother by The Wolfe Brothers

Last weekend Wounded Heroes held their annual major fundraiser to assist (ex)servicemen and their families. This year because of Covid 19 Exercise Stone Pillow morphed into a Backyard Sleep Out. Brisbane turned on more rain than we’ve seen in 12 months and there are still Emergency Services out there removing fallen trees from roads and rooves. No casualties, thank goodness.

Courtesy Wounded Heroes

This is the mob for whom I raise and sell a few succulents to raise a few bob.

With Remembrance Day in a matter of only weeks I thought I’de share some recent Australian tribute songs to our men and women of the services over coming days.

The Wolfe Brothers are an Australian Country Rock  band, formed of brothers Tom and Nick Wolfe and childhood friends Brodie Rainbird and Casey Kostiuk, all from Tasmania.

Courtesy of You Tube

There are no actors in the video for Hey Brother. “Just real people, real stories, real life”.

If you are interested in hearing some of these stories go here: https://www.awm.gov.au/get-involved/after-the-war-cd/hey-brother

6 thoughts on “Hey Brother by The Wolfe Brothers

      1. Kevin Adams

        Hallo May. This is from Ruth, Kevin’s wife. I thought you would want to know that Kevin died from Covid on 24/11. I will be unsubscribing him from your blog. I know he enjoyed it very much, and felt that you and he were good friends.


      2. Oh, Ruth, I am saddened by this news……
        I wish I had the words to adequately express my sorrow.
        It is important that you stay strong during this trying time, and at the same time be kind to yourself………….
        I will miss Kevin and his music and the simple exchange of ideas and news with someone from the other side of my world.
        Thank you so much for letting me in on the situation……Appreciated, Ruth.
        Sending warm thoughts your way……


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